I'd Rather Have 2D Sprites....

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Ftoomsh, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    Honestly, I'd rather have 2D sprites and a game that didn't lag and desynch than what we have at the present.

    If only someone could make 2D sprites for this game, LOL. The engine might be able to drive them.
  2. Poppadomus

    Poppadomus Member

    First we need developers that care about their game.
  3. It would be very weird if rendering had any effect on desync.
  4. Wralth

    Wralth Active Member

    Rendering has nothing to do with the netcode.
  5. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    Budget put into rendering is not put into netcode. Remember to think with a whole-of-project costings viewpoint.
  6. Wralth

    Wralth Active Member

    Meh i might look at the netcode myself

    In a year or so, give or take.
  7. Aren't these contradicting with each other?

    Possible solution:
    Cossacks 3 = Cossacks 1 + 3d - good netcode

    Let's remove 3d and bring back good netcode:
    Cossacks 1 +3d - good netcode -3d + good netcode = Cossacks 1
  8. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    It's a simple proposition. When they were paying someone to add extra content to the game, they should have been paying someone to fix the basic functions of the game. My remark about 2D sprites was a joke to highlight the problem. It seems incongruous to me that we got fancy 3d models but a game with flawed basic functions. The 3d models in fact are scarcely necessary or useful. They add little to the game. When zoomed out for practical play, the 3D models look no different or better than 2D sprites. If all they contribute is to slow the game down when big battles happen then what value do they add?
  9. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    Something needs to be done now or this game will die. Ideally, the developers would do it. If not them, then maybe a good modder can do something.

    Current server-client synching is a real mess. In big battles, the client does not see the real battle on his screen. He sees units of both sides mixing and walking past each other and not fighting. Yet, at the end of the battle, the outcome is about right. I can tell that at least. However, how can a player fight a battle when his screen is not showing the real battle? How can that player manually aim a cannon battery at the biggest concentration of enemy troops? How can that player see a flank to charge with cavalry? It's simply not possible. Once the battle starts, he cannot fight the battle at all. He has to take his fingers off the keyboard and mouse and let everything fight automatically. It's the only option at that point. The client player is at a big disadvantage in big battles.
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  10. Rhayn

    Rhayn Member

    The answer is quite simple, in months of games I have yet to meet a player who does even know what flanking means. The vast majority of this player base knows only the rule of blobbing every single unit and sending them onwards while cannons shoot at everything that moves, wheter ally or foe
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  11. Samuel

    Samuel Member

    Dying game
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  12. Zakxaev68

    Zakxaev68 Active Member

    Yeah, your about dang right. Truth is, I logged in only five games in multiplayer to observe how that unfolds there, once I did see the real hell of games people tend to play, each lasting 30 min tops (no peacetime), producing infinite cavalry right into the enemy's gates, oh my...

    I never ever went there again for the exact same thing--people play Cossacks like no strategy is played or something along the Starcraft play style. Slow and steady, building and fortifying your empire economics and doing formations, flanking, guarding key points and everything then concludes into massive fight. I'd play multiplayer only with friends that know how to make fun for themselves instead sitting in the lobby for hours than playing, just what you can expect in C3 lobby; a started game is in the next moment empty game.
  13. Wralth

    Wralth Active Member

    Im glad blobbing units is practically impossible in my mod then lmao.

    If you mass up ANY unit its going to be hard countered.
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