Lan multiplayer option

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by kannerke, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. kannerke

    kannerke Member

    What do you think about the option to host lan multiplayer games?

    No internet connection is required. One person should be hosting the game or a dedicated server should host the game.
  2. Daddio

    Daddio Moderator Staff Member

    Good question/suggestion.

    While this was possible with the first C1 BTW game, and C3 is based on that game. It will be sold through Steam. I am not sure if this is possible with Steam supported games?

    Perhaps others here could chime in on this?

    If it is possible I feel confident that it will be included.

  3. DrowLegend

    DrowLegend Member

    Multiplayer is importent for me because i want to play with my brother. Better is without any connection but it doesn't matter. :)
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