Little tweaks/minor things that could be included in the game

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Nick, May 25, 2015.

  1. Nick

    Nick Active Member

    Apart from sticking with the original game play from the original series which i am glad your doing. I would like to suggest that you consider including some little things in Cossacks 3 which does not alter the game play in anyway such as:

    Flag bearers for the nations. Just to give that sense of realism and pride of playing each unique nation.

    Additional flags flying on important buildings like the town hall or barracks for example.

    National fife/marching theme to your respected nation perhaps adding a flutist that does this so you have a choice of drummer or flutist.

    Enhanced/realistic sound effects like the ones used in Empire Total War - DarthMod for example.

    3 or 2 ages that you can research at the town hall 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

    Cannons with soldiers rather then cannons being moved by ghosts.

    Maybe having a playable pirate faction/nation with there own campaign to.

    Well that's all i can think off just a few little things which hopefully can still be implemented into cossacks 3 without the original game play being effected.

    P.S: Would love to see a roman, medieval or modern version of cossacks made in it's game style.
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  2. Masher

    Masher Active Member

    Soldiers manning Cannons are a nice touch. I'd like to see some national flags in game too.

    Sound effects are always important i feel, they can really add to a games atmosphere. I hope that the sounds will be much improved on the original Cossacks.
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  3. Saddoveanu

    Saddoveanu Member

    I like the minimalistic sounds in C1. The thing is that game voice sounds - for example when you select units or give orders - quickly get tiring and repetitive. Unless they're really, really good (e.g: Starcraft) then better keep the originals. Also I don't care much for music; I find it distracting and usually disable it. Maybe because I didn't really play the campaigns or missions - sound could be more important there, for an immersive atmosphere. But I play mostly skirmish and amateur multiplayer so not a biggie for me.

    Personally, I don't think artillery crews are neccesary. Capturing artillery was fun thing to do, and crews would make it more difficult. It would be more realistic I guess but I'm not sure how it will affect game mechanics. Flag bearers would be nice to have. If they're attached to a formation, they can have the formation number on the flag. But without a morale system, they would be purely cosmetic; same for the singing guys.

    Also, with good modding tools (that allow modification/addition of core game mechanics and assets) I'm sure many amazing mods will be created. Look at Warband, a game that's also old, but was kept alive all these years by the modding community - despite having horrible modding/mapping support. With good modding tools, possibilities are endless and C3 could live forever.
  4. Nick

    Nick Active Member

    I was not talking about the music for the game that you turn off/on through options...I was talking about the National fife theme when your troops march which you get the choice to have on or off through having or not having an additional flutist!

    Why would crews make it more difficult? You would be still capturing them when undefended by soldiers the same way you have always captured peasants/buildings etc. lol

    To be honest I am not a fan of user made mods but I do make exceptions if it's extremely popular, well worth my time and most importantly that I know for sure that I am not going to get any issues/problems with the mod.
  5. Saddoveanu

    Saddoveanu Member

    You're just going to capture a military unit, like you would a peasant ? If that's how it will be done then indeed, it won't make a difference. But generally you can't capture military units so I would assume you have to kill the crew, then bring your own. Unless you don't count crews as military, which I think is wrong; crews are still soldiers.

    To each his own. For me it's more about what the mod offers - it doesn't have to be popular.
  6. Nick

    Nick Active Member

    Cannons are military units that can be captured...:rolleyes:

    And if you read properly I did not just say it has to be popular like you implied... I said 3 things that would help me decide to get the mod or not:p

    1. If it's extremely popular
    2. Well worth my time, which is basically what the mod offers
    3. Most importantly that I know for sure that I am not going to get any issues/problems with the mod.

    3 things there 3:p
  7. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    Some little things in the game would be fine.

    Artillery crew with 4 artillerymen, flag bearers for suqad formations, flags flying over important buildings, flutist units, relistic sound effects, pirate or mutinous factions are well come.

    These can add more sense of realism and pride of playing each unique nation.
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