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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Penkover, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. Penkover

    Penkover New Member

    Hello, i have few ideas but i couldnt do it, i am too big noob for this.
    1) Flagship
    You can promote 1 ship to flagship for each 6 ships for each ship type. ( you have 5 yachts, 6 ship of the lines and 13 frigates. So you could have 5 flagships( 1 yacht, 1shipof and 3 frigate flagships)
    This action cost some gold and can be actuvated throw clickung on ship and then on promote button in action menu.
    The flagship can: heal nearby ships and make a formation. Are your ships firing in own allies if you have more ships on small place ? Over ! Exist 3 types of formations:
    Line ( standart formation)
    Column ( see battle of trafalgar)
    Galleass ( special formation optimized for galleass ,because galleass have only guns on forecastle.)
    Max 6 ships per formation.

    2)new ship: Brig
    Small, cheap, fast, weak ship.

    3)New models and 18 century designes
    Brig 17century:

    18century designes
    Unlocked throw upgardes.
    Brig 18 century:
    ( this photo is of czech ship, if you are from czech too, support this idea !)
    Frigate 18 century:
    [​IMG] or
    Yellow is the best !

    Ship of the line 18 cetury :

    Similar to upgardes in barracks. Allways need past upgrade to unlock the new. Some of them need progres to 18century.
    After a completing upgrade with "new design" your ships of this type changes model to the new model, see paragraph 3.
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  2. A. Soldier

    A. Soldier Active Member


    First off, you seem to be very interested and experienced in Naval Warfare and know a lot about Ships.

    And I think that the devs still have to get all of the 18th Century ships to the game so there's no point for us to add anything, except for the Brig since I don't remember that from the old games, but I can clearly remember we even had the Victoria ship in the old Cossacks, which was the biggest ship and unit in the game.

    As for your idea, I like it, but I sadly don't think the ability to promote a ship is possible, at least without extensive modding, but perhaps an Officer type of ship unit would work like with the infantry and only it will be able to make formations.


    Nice pics and graph.
  3. Penkover

    Penkover New Member

    Yeah, ships are my life.
    Officer ship, it could be much easer but, how in real look offier ship? Or ground officer loaiding up the ship ? But how we can stop spam usage ?

    And i found them :[​IMG]

    This is pretty nice. Only bigger resolution and we are ready for a battle ! [​IMG]
    Also nice . There is much more ships. I see a galleon and barque with hull of 18/19 century frigate(???) and some strange ketch.
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  4. A. Soldier

    A. Soldier Active Member

    Let's just call it a "flagship" since it sound better than officer ship.

    And I suppose the Victoria could be that flagship since it's the biggest and costs the most, like the officers.

    Only it will be able to form a formation of ships.
  5. Penkover

    Penkover New Member

    Sound good, if you can do it .
  6. A. Soldier

    A. Soldier Active Member

    I will try to make a mod out of it once they add back the 18th Century ships, if I remember that is.

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