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    Holodomor was not caused by economic or climate factors. It was an act of political terror ordered directly by Joseph Stalin, and enforced by GPU/NKVD. The objectives were extermination of both, independent farmers (designated as "kulaks") and Ukrainian nationalism within the USSR. Those who do not know anything about it just please read some basic historical books. I think you can find most accurate and equally shocking description in Timothy Snyder's book "Bloodlands". It is an epic historical book dedicated to mass murder and genocide of nations living in between Hitler's Germany and Stalin's USSR, dedicated to victims among Poles, Ukrainians, Jews and Byelorussians murdered by both regimes. The Holocaust and the suffering of Poles and Ukrainians are main topics, each of those happening for different reasons but ending with death of millions..

    Historians and politicians are not debating the cause of Holodomor much more - it is generally described as a "man-made famine". They still argue abut the numbers of victims, which is a disputed number ranging from 3 to 7 Mln people. Most historians agree it was closer to three million but what matters it the unimaginable human suffering.

    Books by professional historians are the best source and Wikipedia is not but just look at he pictures, they are not staged!łód_na_Ukrainie
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    There must be something about it. Each time I visited Czech Republic I could understand about the 75% of what the the locals were saying although I never learned Czech. When I replied in Polish people did not understand a word although they were still very friendly. Facing a wall when trying to make a simple conversation. I could make much better in Sweden, only after 8 months course I could communicate but now I almost lost that skill completely as it was 30 years ago. In Japan where my formal study of what is probably one of the most difficult languages of the world were only 3 months but later I worked for almost 8 years in an all speaking Japanese environment so I had no choice but sink or swim, and although I am forgetting fast i can still have a conversion about anything, I am still illiterate in Japanese when it comes to reading and writing. I have a good passive command of Russian but not much practice of speaking it. I can read and understand about 75 of the post in Ukrainian here, but since I never learned I would not be able to speak. Zero understanding of the languages in China, SouthEast Asia, Finland or Hungary.

    A great difficulty to understand Aussies and Kiwis. Just kidding Ftoomsh :)
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    Sins we have not new screens, St. Nicholas gives you a beutiful Ukraine song by Milla Jovovich (yes shee was born in Kiev capital of Ukraine 40 years ago until leave in 5 year old) "Oh, in the forest by Dunai river"
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