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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Atem, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Atem

    Atem Administrator Staff Member



    1. Fog of War is no longer transparent on monitors with high brightness.
    2. Black color scheme is swapped for green one.
    3. We’ve increased the number of color schemes available for players to choose from 7 to 12.
    4. We’ve disabled resource node icons in the “freemode”. This way it will be easier to make screenshots.
    5. Now it’s possible to change controlled player in editor/cheat mode on laptops without using your numpad: simply use the combination of ALT+Number instead (e. g. ALT + 1, ALT +2 etc).
    6. Increased the construction queues for peasants, now they can construct more buildings when Shift + Left click is used.
    7. Units moving out of barracks to a rally point will now engage any encountered enemy.
    8. Fixed a bug in Polish and Czech localizations, that made the bonus campaign line in campaign selection screen appear blank.
    9. Fixed some typos in the Ukrainian localization.
    10. Fixed typos in descriptions of building of certain nations, now they will display a correct number of dwellers they provide.
    11. Fixed a bug when recently built ships moved to a wrong point after a command from player.


    1. Fixed a bug when players didn’t get the “Victory/Defeat” screen if the host had previously lost and was in the spectating mode.
    2. Fixed a bug when a host migration caused already built mines to stop resource producing resources.
    3. Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect display of players present in the session (in list above the minimap).
    4. Fixed an error that caused a black screen for players that had lost all of their units, instead of going to the Spectator mode.


    1. Removed the last fire power and defense upgrades for Serdiuks in Cossack House. Now their maximum value for fire power is 57 (previously 78) and 15 for defenсe (previously 21).
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  2. (OC)Fotheringill

    (OC)Fotheringill Active Member

    Thank yu.

    One thought came to me about someone defeated can use the lifting of the fog of war- If still in communications with others on his/her team, he/she can reveal to the others on the team exactly what the enemy troop dispositions are doing and where. Not for now, but when a ranking system actually is implemented, it could cause a problem.
  3. Zakxaev68

    Zakxaev68 Active Member

    Eyyy. THANKS, fixed the obnoxious FoW abusing! Doing good so far!
  4. Commodore

    Commodore Active Member

    keep the updates coming, very nice work.
    i think you can queue up 16 buildings now , is that about right?
  5. [PR]Ernest

    [PR]Ernest Moderator Staff Member

    Yes! Thank you for this balance change :) Many fans were waiting for this, and we get it!
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  6. Balin

    Balin New Member

    What balance ernest ? Its still bug fixing, after month from premiere these guys are still fixing bugs. Love this game but fixing fog of war or adding few more colors is a joke for all c1 community.
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  7. [PR]Ernest

    [PR]Ernest Moderator Staff Member

    There are more and more patches. Game is getting stable every update. I play so I know what I am talking. Of course, things like fog of war are important and I think it will be fixed too. Game is less bugged than cossacks 1.
  8. Francesco_Cavalli

    Francesco_Cavalli Active Member

    Hi Atem,

    Could a developer let us know how to modify the colours for nations?
  9. mvlabat

    mvlabat Member

    @Atem, are you going to nerf Prussian musketeers then? :) And make the other 17c and 18c musketeers stronger?.. Because they are useless for now. Please )
  10. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    The fixes to date have been great, thank you. Keep the good fixes and changes coming. :)

    I think there are several issues worthy of being high in the next fix list.

    1. Removed. Repairs now work! Yes!

    1. (a) Buildings burn down a bit too fast when the enemy captures and hits delete. A slower burn-down would give the defender some chance of repairing it.

    2. Can we get back some of the old keys and features please? From C1;

    M - Shrinks/Enlarges Minimap
    O - Toggle Transparency for buildings
    Q - Toggle map views (normal and impassable area views)
    I - Toggle Game Information pane (if still applicable)
    U - Toggle Object Information pane(maybe for editor)

    3. Miners disappearing from mines. I know I am not the only player who has reported this. Miners sometimes disappear from my mines in large games like 3v3 with some slow computers in the game. I have a fast computer and it actually seems to be the person with the fast computer and/or the good graphics card who suffers from this problem. One or more miners just disappear from in the mines. Sometime, I go back and check and the mine is totally empty. I know my nation has never starved and I know I have not emptied the mine. It only seems to happen with mines that are not upgraded. This bug can really ruin a game. It's hard to checks mines all the time when the game is rapid. It is an intermittent fault but seems to happen in large games like 3v3 and it seems to happen to the person with the fastest computer and/or the person furthest away from all the other players so he has the most lag.

    4. Getting an officer and a drummer out is hard in some big games too. What happens is the first officer and drummer come out and then the numbers stay stuck at 1. To get more officers and drummers out you have to set the officer and drummer numbers back to make 0 (zero) and then to make new ones, set new numbers to make. Or you could make 5 drummers for scouts. The 5 drummers will come out but the number 5 remains in the drummer queue and no more drummers come out. Again, you have to set the queue back to 0 (zero) and then queue more drummers if you need them. Again, this fault seems to affect the fast computers strangely enough.
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  11. Ebel

    Ebel Moderator Staff Member

    It appears to be 12 according to

    Wish it was more, but it's an improvement. It's tedious to constantly send peasants to build houses. I like to queue up a lot of houses (25+)
  12. [KGR]Mustang

    [KGR]Mustang Member

    For me and many other expert players there is only 1 question: When will you fix the massive lag problems which make the game unplayable for many players?
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  13. [PR]Ernest

    [PR]Ernest Moderator Staff Member

    I play multiplayer and I don't have any lags. Maybe because I play on low pt. You probably play millions. I don't know milions situation, but if there is lag it should be fixed.
  14. Megarian

    Megarian New Member

    Great patches .Cossacks 3 gets better and better , i hope they sell well so those talented guys to get better salaries and to keep giving us great games.
  15. Privateer

    Privateer Active Member


    I was so used to minimising the map in the original (as I prefer a reduced size for UI)!
  16. [KGR]Mustang

    [KGR]Mustang Member

    I can't even play 1000/5000 0pt. The fights with pikemen at the bigging do not lag. But when there is the first fight with dragoons the lag makes the game unplayable. This problem I have in singeplayer and multiplayer. I know many players who have the same problem. They all have AMD processors and AMD radeon graphic cards. So this might be the reason for the massive lags.
    Some of my friends have intel processors and nvidia graphic cards and they have no problems with lag as long as the army does not get too big. But millions for example they also can not play because of the lag.
  17. [PR]Ernest

    [PR]Ernest Moderator Staff Member

    I have intel processor + amd graphics. I heard that amd + amd is not good combination, but it may be problem. I don't have amd proc so I don;t have it. Developers should test it and fix.
  18. [KGR]Mustang

    [KGR]Mustang Member

    Which processor and wich graphics card do you have?
  19. [PR]Ernest

    [PR]Ernest Moderator Staff Member

    i7 6700k skylake and radeon r9 395x
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  20. [KGR]Mustang

    [KGR]Mustang Member

    Your hardware is much better than mine so it is diffecult to compare.

    Although I don't have the best hardware it is still better than the recommend hardware which the developers published. So I expect to be able to play the game without lags.
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