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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Anthodeus, Jul 31, 2021.

  1. Anthodeus

    Anthodeus Hackermann


    I haven't posted anything here since my initial post years back where I've shown how one can change the game files to gain an advantage. In short, you can change units stats (damage, speed and range) without other peers knowing. While they don't act the part on the others' screen, the host can see everything happen properly.

    This is done by removing a checksum from the files, which as was shown in the post that has since been deleted (by mods; its intention was to make the issue visible, and urge developers to add a proper anticheat to the game. It has only succeeded in doing that partially. While there has been a checksum implemented, one can easily remove said implementation from scripts). Following checksum deletion, your machine doesn't mention your files are tampered with.

    If this is still the case, I'd like to propose the following:
    - that a sessionID based checksum share is done. All machines will compute a checksum based on the sessionID and send it to all other players. Every player will then check that all other players are ok and the game can only launch if it's all fine.
    - remove checksum from scripts, add it to exe / engine code. Anyone with a minimal understanding of programming can browse through all scripts and change them as requested. Having it in bin or exe would at least make it harder for any wannabe from ruining other people's games

    If people are allowed to change these scripts as needed, there are a few examples of what people could do (as a client) (I've tried them locally and with a friend, to check how it would work):
    - Change unit formations for better spacing (or tighter formations, depending on if you're playing against artillery or not)
    - Making 18century units from 17th century buildings
    - Enter password locked games
    - Potentially even worse outcomes, as I couldn't be asked to ruin people's games trying stuff out.

    I would like to also call out a couple of people that have reminded me how much I hate these types of cheats (and the reason I'm not so often playing the game, besides people not playing with artillery on):
    - Hellracer
    - Guderian

    These people of course seemed like they wanted to play a fair game, but ended up resorting to using a unit they modified, namely a prussian 18ct muskateer, with the aforementioned increased range, damage and reload speed. Of course, because of how the game replicates units, I couldn't see anything shooting mine, but my friend pointed out the muskateers hidden away in a number less than 20, killing vytiaz cavalry 1 shot from 2 screens distance. Sadly I Alt+F4 this game before realizing I could've saved the replay.

    The netcode isn't so much of an issue if people aren't allowed to change files in the first place, but I would like it if all peers would agree when and how a unit dies. I can imagine this is a big change, but it might be a good addition to the game in the long run, if done properly.

    I would love to feel safe in playing this game, as it brings the nostalgia of the old Cossacks 1, and there's really no other game that does combat this massive.

    If there are any issues with my write-up, please point it out and I will try to respond if needed. I feel like I've given all possible info on my side.

    Have a nice day!
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  2. Original-Cossacks-Player

    Original-Cossacks-Player Active Member

    We are waiting for a patch update, apparently a big patch update, this was announced last year, I have a feeling they may release this and also some "exciting news" on or around 21st of September as this is the 5th anniversary of Cossacks 3 being released.
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  3. Loner

    Loner Well-Known Member

    Here's hoping.:D
  4. Anthodeus

    Anthodeus Hackermann

    I might be disillusioned, but I imagine it might just be more content (new formations, new faction, new artillery or the sort).

    If they would at least add a dynamic formation system that would be great (think TotalWar style. This way square formation can be replaced with something else). Spacing for formations may also help with artillery games, but I'm unsure if that's in the spirit of the game.

    Either way, going to wait for the new update before getting my hopes up for the game. They can't go lower if they're already underground :)
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