PR Cossacks 3 please HELP

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    here is the most famous guy that does only strategie games lets plays, he even played vs the devs of Grey Goo...but that does not make him the best player out there...XD

    He even puts cossacks 3 on the list of his most waited 2016 strategie games to come, so lets not disapoint the guy and release the game before 2017 ^^
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    Because he's already our old friend)
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    I'll do what I can to promote the game among my contacts, but I join Nowy and Afritus : PR methods are very... strange. Few screenshots and a single video, except first hour's fans I don't see who could be attracted to the game. Imagine you are a person who knows nothing with Cossacks series (it's normal, the last episode was released for 10 years), at no moment you feel the need to play at the game. It's unfortunately my conclusion when I try to promote C3 among my friends. Even among the few people who had the chance to play and appreciate C1 & C2 during the glorious age, these persons could be interested to buy C3 but knew nothing of the existence of this third episode before I told about, this is the proof that marketing is very quiet.

    If I say it, it's because I believe in quality of this game (despite very few informations) and it would be an unfortunate mess if the game has only 10,000 sales in the entire world, though it deserves ten times more.

    Return to the thread.
    For French testers, we have Fanta & Bob who are very notorious :
    ZeratoR too :

    Less-known youtubers but specialized in strategy games :
    Kodran Folmer, who has already make a video to promote C3 and would surely very happy to play at the beta :

    Good luck.
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    Hi all!

    For the german PR i'd recommend the old Team of GameOne. GameOne was a german TV-Show, which brought up news and stuff about PC/PS/xBox Games.
    Now that team renamed in RocketBeans and doing funny stuff with games not in TV but at least in the Internet :)
    I hope they will do a letsplay for you :)
    Links below

    Good luck
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    I'm moderator on the french forum Mundus Bellicus.

    MB is a community who loves and talks about strategy games on PC, as Paradox games (Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings...), Total War, Mount and Blade and more. We are following the development of Cossacks since it was announced. You can find our related topic here :).

    If we can help you to talk about Cossacks to the community, don't hesitate to contact us !
    You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and Youtube :)

    See you :)
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    nice to hear :)
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    Well if you will see some of rest videos/highlights/montages you wont be so thankful...... just for real I dont know why I recommend him :D
    For CZ/SK streamers there are even:
    these two are more like quality streamers but still cz/sk streaming community is really low on quality streamers....
    For web pages pointed on games I can recommend which I personally like.... They are really friendly with lot of events...
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    From the french forum again (thanks robi49 and TRUCide)

    - Aiekillu on youtube and twitch not really a player of RTS but apparently he like them : ,
    - Cyprien and Squeezie in cypriengaming on youtube (they also both have their channel) :

    Both have a lot of viewers, essentially a young public they could help a bit to introduce Cossacks 3 to a public which doesn't know it, they play and try a lot of different games (mainly action I think), we don't really saw them doing letsplay of Cossacks 3.
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