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Discussion in 'Modding' started by StriKe jk, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. StriKe jk

    StriKe jk Member

    Hello Cossacks3 Fans!

    My name is StriKe and I today I digged through some files again to find all possible values to set in profile.cfg. Keep in mind that some settings may not have an effect because they are currently ignored by the game. Nonetheless these aren't some "imagined" values which you may find somewhere on the internet but actual values used in the game.

    Some values are simply factored out in the config editor and some values are completely hidden (like wrmUltra). To showcase all values I will use my own config.cfg. Behind the "//" are all possible values from worst to best in terms of graphic quality. If you find more or an error feel free to reply! :p

       Engine : struct.begin
          ScreenResolution : struct.begin
             Width = 1680
             Height = 1050
             Frequency = 60
          HDRType = htPseudoHDR //htNone,htPseudoHDR
          DOFEnable = True //False,True
          SSAOEnable = True //False,True
          FXAAEnable = True //False,True
          AntiAliasing = aa4xHQ //aaDefault,aaNone,aa2x,aa2xHQ,aa4x,aa4xHQ
          VSyncMode = vsmNoSync //vsmNoSync,vsmSync
          TextureFilteringQuality = tfAnisotropic16x //tfNone,tfIsotropic,tfAnisotropic,tfAnisotropic4x,tfAnisotropic8x,tfAnisotropic16x
          DDSDetailLevel = 0 //2,1,0
          WaterReflection = wrmUltra //wrmLow,wrmMedium,wrmHigh,wrmUltra
          ShadowMap = 4096 //1024,2048,4096
          ShadowMapEnabled = True //False,True
          HorizonRenderEnabled = True //False,True
          ShaderType = stSM30 //stNone,stSM20,stSM30
          CoverEnabled = True //False,True
          CoverPPLEnabled = True //False,True
          SelfShadowingTerrain = True //False,True
          PFX = True //False,True
          TerrainBordersEnabled = True //False,True
          TerrainBordersVisible = True //False,True
          Sound : struct.begin
             svgMusic = 1 //0,1
             svgAmbient = 1 //0,1
             svgSFX = 1 //0,1
             svgVoice = 1 //0,1
             svgInterface = 1 //0,1
             Master = 1 //0,1
  2. A. Soldier

    A. Soldier Active Member

    So additional tweaks are possible to improve performance from here?
  3. StriKe jk

    StriKe jk Member

    Sure, you can lower the graphics if it helps! But not all performance issues come from the graphic card. If you are CPU bound most stuff won't change much. Turning off shadows should help tho
  4. A. Soldier

    A. Soldier Active Member

    I believe I'm running the game at the lowest possible settings atm, just wondering if it's possible to further ruin the graphic quality and improve performance, that's all.
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