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    Small transport ship Hoy for Netherlands and England:

    Transport and warship ship Whydah Gally for England:

    Magicienne class frigate for France:

    Speedy class brig for England:

    Ship Galeon for Spain (in this topic are other player links about Galeon):

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    A shot piece I wrote yesterday in response to the statement below, I thought I would share it here too. It centres around a longer discussion of xebecs.

    Oak, Larch and Pine were popular in the northern Mediterranean, where these woods are more scarce you see use of things like Cypress. The Oak tended to be Holly oak (Quercus Ilex), a couple of pines were used depending on the region and what was available locally, European Black pine was popular in the East Med (Pinus Nigra), while stone pine was more commonly used in Western Mediterranean and North Africa. Larch was most often found in the Alps (Larix Decidua), but was only really used by the French Italians and Iberians. Cypress on the other hand was a lot more common in Islamic ships, generally their supply of quality wood was far worse than what could be acquired by Europeans so they had to make the most of what they had available, this is why Cypress (Cupressus Sempervirens) is such a key component in Berber and Ottoman ships.

    While this isn't the be all and end all of wood, these are the most common species I have read about for lightly built longships such as galleys and xebecs.

    Edit: (I forgot about fir)

    Fir was also fairly extensively used, Silver fir (Abies Alba), was used mainly by the various western Europeans of the Mediterranean, while the Ottomans used a lot of Caucasian fir (Abies Nordmanniana) and Cilician fir (Abies Cilicica), Venice and the Ottomans also occasionally used Greek (Abies Cephalonica) and Bulgarian fir (Abies Borisii-Regis), the Barbary states main supply came from Algerian fir (Abies Numidica), which as far as I can make out was almost cut to extinction for shipbuilding.
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    What do you mean pictures? The trees themselves or the ships in question, trees would be fairly easy but the ships not so much. This is mainly revolved around Galleys, Half Galleys and Xebecs as the post says above but would also encompass smaller ships in general, there were laws on restricting certain woods like specific oaks and oak forests to being used by state navies but in general you are looking at anything up to the 40-50 gun Xebecs and the 20-30 gun Galleasses, although more typically the woods in question would revolve around the more common galliots, galleys and more standard sized raiding xebecs. Transport ships aren't really a thing, they are more of a fitting than a ship itself, transport ships are almost always just warships outfitted to have lower armaments and more space for people so it covers them too.
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    Ohh I misunderstand sorry:)) I assumed that they were ship names:)) Not wood:)) I should have read your post carefully:))
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    @Burak Damgacı @Kamilow @Fluffy Fishy
    And all the other fantasist which collects here random images from the internet (which anyone can find itself in 5 mins) and foolishly think that someone will do it for them.

    Why don't you just learn to implement itself all the things you talk? By all the time which you wasted on your pointless talking which doesn't change anything you could learn many useful things about C3 modding, 3D modeling etc, and add at least part of all of these things you suggest. Imho it would be better than waste time on repetition the same, empty "demands" which never will be done.
  11. Fluffy Fishy

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    I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and hope you didn't mean to be rude even if that's how you have come across.

    Generally speaking for a lot of people just learning to model and code is a lot more complex than just spending some time watching a YouTube tutorial and getting on with making something work.

    I personally don't expect anyone to do any work for me, I'm not demanding or even asking either the devs or community to use my posts to produce assets or mods for the game I just share things that I have studied so that others might enjoy the resources I have accumulated over the years and if there's one person who enjoys that then it makes it worthwhile. So no discussion isn't pointless to me, far from it, most of the time here I am only sharing stuff I have done elsewhere anyway so it's mainly opening up to a wider audience, Kamilow and Burak seem to enjoy what I post so I keep posting it.

    Please be more considerate on how you write your posts.
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  12. Burak Damgacı

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    Joghurt, if you don't look at my posts, don't look at please. I want to learn something new. Fluffy is my friend and he knows more things about ship types etc. I don't need your comments. If you want to learn 3D ok. I don't need to learn 3D modelling. It's none of your business. Please don't disturb us. And I don't remember to allow you to which topic I'll talk or not.
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    That's great. So if you state that it have nothing in common with the C3 and you're focused on exchange of information and enjoy of it - why you'll not move to the better place for a such activity? With more people to discuss and exchange of views - maybe someone who has similiar knowledge like you could question your sentences and show Burak Damgaci and Kamilow different point of view. They could draw conclusions from your disccusions with other people and learn more that way. You could invite them to disscusion on the more specialist forums. Your posts contain sufficiently detailed info to contribute specialist knowledge to any historical forum.

    Or even better, I'll invite you - I would really enjoy if you will summarise all you stated here and will start topic like "Venetian Army and Navy in 16th-18th century" here:

    I'm sure it would be no problem for you, taking into account you have time to waste your talents and time by share such specialist info on dead forum of very marginalized RTS game. So, are you in? ;)

    Ok, so I will teach you a something new today - Do you know that "Burak" means "bumpkin" in polish? (sic!)
    It's not personal, just funny fact :)
  14. Burak Damgacı

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    Joghurt, don't insult me( in Turkish slang your bumpkin word is swear), you are new this forum. I'm old. Ok? One funny fact this Yoğurt is Turkish meaning made from milk and we eat every supper. Maybe I took offense, but you should care for your words.
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    That has nothing to do with what I said, there is a Venice nation that has no flavour to it, suggestions on how to make it better have some want, especially as they are potentially such a varied nation. The small community does seem to want fleshing out the very bare bones faction we already have.

    I'm not sure what inviting me to forum that hasn't been posted in since 28/02/2014, almost 4 years really achieves, especially as you call this one dead. Had you not have come in and spent all the time insulting me I might offer you what you asked for too, I also find it fairly difficult to believe that a forum that has had no activity in half a decade would really have anyone with specialist information such as myself to discuss and debate with.

    I'm not sure what I have done to insult you or leave you behaving this way but its really uncalled for, now can we return to the topic in hand and go back to looking at ship suggestions. If you have nothing to add please take your awkward poor quality trolling elsewhere.
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    Don't worry. This is only english section. I know it looks poor, but forum has over 1,5 million posts by last 15 years (so average about 280 daily). Many/most of users know english to a sufficient degree to read/discuss with your posts but all people just discuss in other, polish sections because there are not too many foreign users and that's why last post in this section was in 2014.

    If you will write something interesting (I think this what you share us here is very interesting) they will answer you gladly. Someone with your expertise would be interesting conversationalist.

    Just summarise your info about it in one, big opening post where you will outline the theme of Venetian military in 16th-18th century. I would be glad if you will find some time to do it (if you really want ofc, no need to rush ;)).
    BTW @Kamilow is also user on this forum.
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