Standard bearers MOD

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Fimti, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. Npeter87

    Npeter87 Moderator Staff Member

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  2. azo

    azo New Member

    Nice Jobb n btw your english is great..keep up the good work
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  3. Marsal

    Marsal New Member

    Köszönjük! Nem is tudtam, hogy a modokhoz is értesz.
    It works for me if I overwrite the files. The mechanics are a bit weird, I think the game does not know how to heal when in formations, because you could not create a squad from priests this was not developed. But these flag bearers could really make a difference in a battle. It could be even more effective if we could somehow fix formations' positions next to and behind each other, but this would be more of the developers job to do.
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  4. A. Soldier

    A. Soldier Active Member

    Or just include them in the formations themselves instead of having them in separate formations like in American Conquest, which is possible provided there is a modder with the time and knowledge neccessary to carry out the modifications.

    If you can't wait for such a person I suggest you try your hand at it and see how it goes.
  5. Marsal

    Marsal New Member

    Yes, that could be another solution, or keeping both options.
    Unfortunately I don't have neither the knowledge nor the time right now to create mods, I'm just enjoying other people's hard work :)
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  6. Mashmallow

    Mashmallow New Member

    error diss game in 5p, version :( please update mod :(
  7. Npeter87

    Npeter87 Moderator Staff Member

    Mod is perfectly run for me on Random Map or Editor.
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  8. Aistis1990

    Aistis1990 Active Member

    Shouldn't France standard bearer have White flag with Lilies?
  9. Aistis1990

    Aistis1990 Active Member

    Don't forget GB had red lines from corners from XIX century ;)
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