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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Ftoomsh, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. rob89

    rob89 Member

    Hi everyone

    I downloaded the mod and ... it's fantastic!
    well balanced and really a different experience than the vanilla.
    My compliments and thanks !

    Some little questions / doubts :
    why howitzer and multi-barrelled (in formation) if stand don't shoot
    and if shoot they roam the battlefield, without control ?

    In the random battle (four nations) the AI organizes large armies and attack one of the neighbors,
    but forget to defend its settlement. I think it could be improved.
    and, last but not least, to complete the work :), when the long-awaited flag bearer ?

    best regards ...


    PS :

    1) when the save file is larger than 500 Mb, it's impossible to reload from the menu
    It's necessary to close the game and restart !
    2) with the "no markey" option the AI is not able to develop the economy and
    development stops quite immediately
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  2. rob89

    rob89 Member

    I have noticed that a series of random explosions happen every now and then,
    in the rows of my troops

    A bug? Or what?


    best regards

    PS : someone looks at this thread ?
  3. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    Is there ennemy troops near your rows when the explosions happen ? If that the case that could be grenadier at work, the AI use them to throw grenade on units a lot.

    There is not so much people looking in this thread, most go to directly to the original russian thread and write there in english or use some translator to understand what's going on.
  4. rob89

    rob89 Member

    No, there are no enemy troops near my line, nor guns or towers

    Simply big random explosions in my rows, killing dozens.

    It happens at leats twice, in two different games, and both when I reload a saved game.
  5. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    You should write this to Awar or Demoul, maybe they will find why it happen
  6. Daddio

    Daddio Moderator Staff Member

    spontaneous combustion?
  7. Karuna88

    Karuna88 New Member

    Lovely game ! one of my favorite.
  8. Demoul

    Demoul Well-Known Member

    Perhaps you have a bug. Since other players like this did not write.
  9. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    Awar and Demoul have updated the mod to version 1.08.85. It had Turkey and Algeria with an AI adapted to play them. On the sea, AI has been reworked to adapt itself according to the differents game options. The ships of line and frigates are now able to shoot either canon by canon or by salvo. New models of transitional frigates and country flag on yatch.

    Link for manual installation :
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  10. rob89

    rob89 Member

    Troops can shoot through stone walls ... (???)
    How is it possible ?
    I thought only through the wood palisades ...
  11. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    That's the same in the base game. shooter can always fire through wood palissades but for stone walls it's a bit more tricky. If your stone walls are completely closed only tower, mortar and howitzer will be able to shoot but if there is one opening somewhere in your walls, be it that some part was reduced to rumble or if you have a gate open, every units can shoot through !
  12. rob89

    rob89 Member

    No, I can assure you, the stone walls are continuous, closed and without damages but enemy troops can shoot (with rifles !) from outside to inside !
    In return, the fire of my towers (inside the wall line) damage the same walls !
    It's a bit embarrassing ...
  13. rob89

    rob89 Member

    IMHO there is also a problem of hardness : why stone walls have an HP (with improvements) of 50000 and towers only 20000 ?
    I think it should b e quite the same, and in any case the difference is disproportinate ...

    PS : is it possible to now what is the file with the parameters database ?


  14. rob89

    rob89 Member

    three suggestions
    1) a cap to troops with respect to peasant

    2) a cap to losses (for example 5k), beyond which the nation must request a truce
    paying in gold!

    3) an increase in production times (training) of troops.
    Now it's too fast and therefore easy to replace losses

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  15. rob89

    rob89 Member

    Hi all,

    how can I repair ships in this mod ?



    PS : I noticed that ships' guns can't shoot vs land artillery pieces ... is this a bug ?
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  16. rob89

    rob89 Member

    Hi guys

    I really appreciate the efforts behind the new patch (1.09.94) BUT :

    a) there is some problem with the firing algorithm
    the killing capacity of line infantry / cavalry formation is dropped dramatically ...

    b) the guns/howitzer, now to be managed individually (and not in formations), are a nightmare

  17. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    Mod version 1.09.96

    Changes from the version 1.09.96 :

    1) Implementation of gunner to the game
    It is more of a strategic addition than a visual one. Whithout gunner to man your cannons, artillery will be unable to move or shoot.
    In the artillery depot you can now recruit gunner. His visual appearance change with each age up.
    To form up a battery you one artillery piece and four gunner. Use the squad button on the cannon to make the battery work.
    Once all gunners are dead, the battery is destroyed and you can't operate the cannon anymore.

    On the picture, the cannon is alone
    it can't move or shoot and need to team with gunner to make a battery
    Making a full battery with nearby gunners (4 needed)
    Battery is ready to use, all commands options are available
    2) Uniforms from gunner for each nations is different and change thorough the age

    early XVIIth c.
    Late XVIIth c.
    Early XVIIIth c.
    Late XVIIIth c.
    3) The different type of artillery are available :
    early XVIIth c.
    - Frame gun, only small caliber canister shot
    - mortar​
    Late XVIIth c.
    - Frame gun
    - mortar
    - XVIIth c. cannon​
    XVIIIth c. (change in gunners only between early and late)
    - Howitzer
    - Mortar
    - XVIIIth c. cannon​
    4) Change were made in the management of artillery and the way they fire
    When you give the order to shoot to the artillery somewhere on the map, they will fire only if it's within their range.
    If it's not the case you will need to move your artillery closer or wait for the opponent to come into range.
    (There was more but I didn't exactly understood what Awar was talking about)
    5) Change to the hotkeys used for artillery
    Ctrl+Y, Select all battery of cannon and frame gun with gunners.
    Shift+Y, Select all cannon and frame gun without gunner.
    Ctrl+U, Select all battery of mortar and howitzer with gunners.
    Shift+U, Select all mortar and howitzer without gunner.​
    6) as part of the battery, all gunners recieve an additional protection of +20 against bullet and grapeshot.
    Alls units in armor have seen their protection against grapeshot reduced
    Gunners are limited in number and are tied to the number of artillery depot.
    7) AI has been adjusted to use the new system of artillery, they will train gunners and form battery.
    The AI also moove is army in order. In the front jaeger, follower by the bulk of the infantry, then cavalry and closing the march, artillery.
    8) All europeans countries have now a unit of guards.
    9) extension of the number of jaeger.
    Scotland has its own jaeger now, in consequence its regular and garrison units of the XVIIIth c. are now normal musketeers.
    10) In the artillery depot their is now left only the upgrades for the cost of cannon and howitzer.
    11) Change in the rate of fire upgrade, the first is now 30% faster and the second 20%, before each were 35%.
    12) Several small fixes to the AI.

    In game screeshots




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  18. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    New version available which fix a small problem with some regular AI formation having artillery resistance against bullet.
    Mod version 1.09.96

    ps : The post before was edited with the new corrected version.
    I removed some french I wrote by error, c'mon guys, you could have told me (it was funny to see nonetheless) ! :oops:
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  19. Burak Damgacı

    Burak Damgacı Well-Known Member

    Hi Foeurdr, I liked it. I think the game will the resurrection. Thanks, Demoul and Awar to listen to the community. By the way, thanks for adding new information about the mod Foeurdr. Good work.
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  20. Demoul

    Demoul Well-Known Member

    Most thanks Awar. Without his technical knowledge, we would not have seen much.
    I served as an artist and as an inspiration for this mod. But he did a lot and does technical work now.
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