Thank you GSC for Cossacks 3 !!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by [KGR]CATWEAZEL, May 20, 2015.


    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    i was already thinking of ending my Cossacks Back to War career now after 14 years of Cossacks when this bombastic news of Cossacks 3 popped into my life! This changes everything and i am so excited for this game.
    But i really hope that you take the community's wishes more serious this time.

    Game stability and valuable bug fixes, a working server matter significantly more than good graphics or new maps...^^ I can not emphasize this very fact more than this!! Please make sure you bring a "longterm fun game" on the market!!!

    I feel flattered ever since this news leaked :) I offer my help for the producers, because i think i have gathered a lot of experience during the last decade in this game.

  2. [-NF-] Dr_Fred_

    [-NF-] Dr_Fred_ New Member

    Yes KGR Best of the best?NF clan too)
  3. Pales

    Pales New Member

    Great news! Thank you GSC!

    Greetings from Hungary!

    [KGR]CHUDO Member

    Hello, my old friend!
    If you do not mind, I still stay in the clan :D
    Therefore, if a new game comes out, I think we should go there and destroy everything. I'm right?

    I'll play like crazy, if we want to regain the title of the strongest.

    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    you are totally right chudo :)) we will own together :)

    [KGR]CHUDO Member

    Let me pls link of sait KGR, thx my lovely Catty <3

    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    read my signature :)
  8. [KGR]ALVO

    [KGR]ALVO New Member

    i like turtles moreover i cant wait for cossacks 3 !!! :D
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  9. Cossack

    Cossack Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you for your comment. We will do our best. C3 will be longterm fun game.

    Game release, will be just a start.
  10. [KGR]Hitman

    [KGR]Hitman New Member

    I will keep that in mind. :)
  11. Atem

    Atem Administrator Staff Member

    Did anyone see this photo from 2009? ;)
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  12. ZooM | Eric

    ZooM | Eric Member

    where was that?
  13. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    What was the music they were playing ?
    Now we know that in fact CSG was preparing Cossacks 3 since 2009 :p
  14. Atem

    Atem Administrator Staff Member

    It was great open air festival - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Fest that was held in Kiev on the main square of Ukraine. Just for fun you can check some photos from there
  15. Daddio

    Daddio Moderator Staff Member

    We saw this and posted it on our site. It sparked a lot of new threads similar to the ones we have here on what we wanted to see in the new game.

    It gave us a lot of hope for a new game..
  16. Field Marshall

    Field Marshall Active Member

    Wow what an awesome festival for another incredible series. Everything CSG produces seems to be top notch. I mean a crowded part and everything. How I envy those people.
  17. Aquila

    Aquila New Member

    Yeah, thanks for bringing us the next Cossacks game! I've just heard about it and I'm celebrating!
  18. Ah, indeed thank you for Cossacks 3. I sometimes look at the older games and search newer number. I had no luck. And then, about a month ago, I found this! I thought its a troll, but its real and its here and it will be great!
  19. Masher

    Masher Active Member

    Yeah i didn't believe it at first when my friend told me a new Cossacks was being made. I thought that dream died many years ago, but here we are. :)
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