The first offline tournament of Cossacks 3 was great. ;-)

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  1. Warren

    Warren Active Member

    First offline tournament of Cossacks 3 game took place 1.10.16 at 11:00 - 22:00 in capital city of Poland - Warszawa (Warsaw).

    Its name was "Kozacka Budda" and here you have our short intro:

    Event consisted of:
    • Tournament 5000 10pt 1v1
    • 2x mini tournament 5000 10pt ffa 7 players
    • Many hours of free play
    • Xbox One and 360 gaming: e.g. Fifa 2017
    • Afterparty
    It was great experience for me as the organizer of the event and the tournaments. I learned a lot and got to know many interesting people!

    And it's the short video of the our tournament 1v1 5000 10pt:

    Results of 5000 10pt 1v1 cup:


    [BRP]Balin vs Oleksy 1:0
    [NCW]Monte vs [GeV]Juve 1:0

    [BWS]Blaster vs Bbarwik 0:1
    [PKS]Mad vs [GP]Spychy 1:0

    [PR]Gutek vs Kriswik 1:0
    [NCW]Rajtar vs [GP]Ramones 1:0

    [PR]Elendor vs Thimon 1:0
    [BRP]Kronos vs [GeV]Radlok 1:0



    [BRP]Balin vs [NCW]Monte 1:0
    [PKS]Mad vs Bbarwik 1:0

    [PR]Gutek vs [NCW]Rajtar 0:1
    [PR]Elendor vs [BRP]Kronos 0:1



    [BRP]Balin vs [PKS]Mad 2:0
    [NCW]Rajtar vs [BRP]Kronos 1:2


    Mini Final

    [PKS]Mad vs [NCW]Rajtar 2:0


    Big Final

    [BRP]Balin vs [BRP]Kronos 2:0


    Great players, legends Cossacks1! [BWS]Blaster, [NCW]Rajtar, [BRP]Balin, [PR]Elendor! And new star Bbarwik. ;-)


    Results of first cup FFA 5000 10pt no rules random nations:



    Winner: [PR]Gutek after extratime with [BWS]Blaster

    Results of second cup FFA 5000 10pt no rules random nations:



    winner: [NCW]Rajtar


    Later I'll photos. ;)
  2. Warren

    Warren Active Member


    Some of us from tournament (not all event!):

    up-left: [NCW]Mazi, bbarwik, [NCW]Montezuma, [GP]Spychy, [NCW]Rajtar, [GP]Ramones, [BRP]Balin, [GRAIL]KO_Poland, [BWS]Blaster, the BuddaPlay owner Lukas, [PR]Elendor, Damian (great Europa Universalis IV player! ;p).

    down-left: [GP]Warren, [PR]Gutek, [GP]Kaszanas, [BRP]Kronos, Konrad and Karol. :)


    The Cossacks 3 analytiscs on 3 metres projector. ;-)


    Some awards. We gave winners:

    32 cossacks beers with cossacks units on etiquetes! e.g. dragoon, hetman...
    12 t-shirts with cossacks graphics
    1 cossacks pipe
    9 copies of Cossacks 3 Game, Deluxe Edition

    Thanks for CDP.PL and GSC! They gave us all awards. :)
  3. [-NF-]Baton

    [-NF-]Baton Active Member

    Good event! Gongratulation;)
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  4. Kneecap

    Kneecap Member

    Thats really cool, and looked like a lot of fun! Cool prizes as well, do you have a picture of the Cossacks pipe? :D
  5. [KGR]-^K[o]K^-

    [KGR]-^K[o]K^- Moderator Staff Member

    If there will be next tournament in Millions, Nations: Denmark, Algeria, Bavaria, France, Saxony, Turkey, Ukraine
    I am in :D and please let me know!

    Thank you!

    Map Shape: Land or Single Continent
    Terrain Type: Plain
    Starting Resources: Millions
    Minerlas: Poor or Medium or Rich

    Start Options: Default or Army or Big Army or Huge Army or Army of Peasants or Different Nations or 18th Century Barracks
    Balloons Options: Default or Balloons or No Balloons
    Cannons: No Cannons, Tower and Walls (and No Warships and Hills)
    Peace time: No Peace Time or 10 min
    18th Century Options: Default or Never or Immediately
    Capture: Default or No Capturing Peasant or No Capturing Peasant or Centers or Artillery Only

    Victory Conditions:

    Total Destruction

    Game Score: 30 minutes or 45 minutes
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  6. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    If it is possible it would be nice to show big final game play video there.
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