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    If the suggestion from : are not implemented i with anyone else who wants will make a mod with those suggestions.

    1. We make all nations units and buildings to have clear differences in stats, not like this mess of C1 : (click nations) where there are hundreds of small differences between each nation, most of them useless, and the rest simply too boring to make a difference.

    2. First building standard cost and all the rest much higher cost. (example : first building 5000, all other identical buildings 50 000)

    3. Adding Blockhouse 1/2 and Fortress that can auto-shoot very fast and are garrison-able. The building can attack and produce units at the same time, but in order for it to become powerful enough several upgrades must be made and plenty of troops and peasants must garrison them.

    Most buildings are garrison-able so they can fire. Or have specific upgrades that allows garrison fire only on certain buildings.

    Be able to make upgrades to buildings like in American Conquest. You should be able in Cossacks 3 to upgrade all building allowing them to be garrisoned and once soldiers are inside function like a blockhouse.

    But also allow for other types of upgrades that provide other advantages like an economic bonus, or firing long range canons instead of short range musketeer firepower.

    Allow walls to be upgraded with spikes that do damage if units are close to it, or boiling pitch for the gate instead of the small blockhouse.

    4. Add more interesting nations from the border of Europe that are not central European states like : Lithuania ( Grand Duchy ), Crimea ( Pashalik ), Zaporozhie ( Hetmanate ), Morocco ( Sultanate ), The Papal State ( Papacy ), Kazakh ( Khanate ), Persia ( Shahdom ), Wallachia/Moldova ( Principality ), Nogai ( Horde ), Mungals (Empire), Ming/Qing ( Khaganate/Empire ) AND the Free Cities of the Roman Empire.

    5. Free cities, unlike nations, have less buildings, less units, play different, are more specialized and very fun to play (they rely more on trade, having mercenaries and building many troops) ! Super cool and historically accurate !

    Free cities (like free cities in the holy roman empire if you want historical equivalents)

    6. Coastal defense to prevent ships to destroy everything with no possibility to fight back.

    7. Each type of food you produce gives a bonus to your peasants or military or buildings.

    If you make coffee your soldiers are more awake and fire/reload faster. Or your peasants work faster. Or your buildings/canons reload faster. (and you are able to chose which bonus you want to have)

    Another example : Poland makes many excellent apple orchards that don't make people fat so they move 10% faster or work more since they don't get tired so fast.

    Another example : Expensive products can go directly to export and get something else in return like resources, mercenaries or free buildings.

    Hunting for example should give better accuracy for military man that come from peasants since they train all day.

    Another interesting option is to have a limit of peasants for each plantation. Example : 25 peasants max.

    8. Adding morale to troops, peasants and garrison. Option will exist to disable it.

    9. The wall gate is always protected and with two small towers should function like a small blockhouse that only shoots fire or arrows and should be able to kill a small scouting party !

    10. For each nation make a technology tree with 3 branches. Each branch can have 4 levels, for a total of 12 but you can't research more than 6. (similar technology tree like in the game -> Universe at War: Earth Assault 2007)

    In order to get to a certain level you have to research the previous levels. You can reset them any time you want but you have to do them again.


    Administrative :
    Level 1 : Disciplined Workforce -> bonus to peasants work rate 10%, military man also have 15 more hp.
    Level 2 : The Turtle ->Walls are 20% stronger, unlocks the gate blockhouse option.
    level 3 : The Factory -> All resources are produced 15% faster. Unlocks the boiling pitch upgrade for gates.
    level 4 : Old Ways -> Unlock Spikes upgrade on walls and houses, also allows barracks to mount on the roof artillery pieces.

    Diplomatic :
    Level 1 : Sweet Tongue -> Unlocks the Guerrilla mercenaries, and makes military man fight harder before morale is lost.
    Level 2 : Free Market - > Improves market rates and exports, also makes all mercenaries slightly cheaper.
    Level 3 : Spy Master -> Unlocks spies, and grants the ability to kill enemy battalion commanders.
    Level 4 : Reinforcement Pact -> Gets help with soldiers and resources from neighboring ally every 2 minutes.

    Military :
    Level 1 : Pyromaniac Lord - allows pikeman to throw a small bomb before engaging the enemy, peasants also carry small bombs in their pockets that they use when they attack.
    Level 2 : Inner fire -> Artillery fires explosive shells that make the ground burn, Musketeers now also carry grenades.
    Level 3 : The Royal Fleet -> Unlock the Royal Boats, also makes all small ships attack faster by 20%.
    Level 4 : Teutonic Armor -> Makes all units wear heavier armor, while reducing their speed by 30%, ships have additional metal reinforcements in week spots.

    11. Have wide range of unique artillery, not just the same for every nation/free city and allow peasants to auto repair buildings if they are idle and near a building or if they are toggled to do so.
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    Another example of technology tree.

    Spies & Enlightenment :
    Level 1 : Counter Spies -> vision inside enemy base from time to time, commanders are not able to be killed by enemy spies.
    Level 2 : Secret Leonardo Da Vinci papers ->Unlock the behemoth cannon - strong against buildings and formations. Unlocks the hydra balloon - strong against spread out enemies.
    Level 3 : Mathematical Tools -> Unlocks the advanced bow - archer unit that has long range and has bombs on the tip of the arrow doing splash damage.
    Level 4 : The Bavarian Illuminati-> The enlightenment ideas make enemy units to betray their tyrant king and turn against him when near your base/buildings. 10% of all enemy units turn against their own or join the player.

    Shadow :
    Level 1 : Darkness -> Some priests organize themselves into evil groups that use occult knowledge and unlock secret teachings. You gain 1 dark priest every 20 seconds. They can reanimate fallen corpses automatically.
    Level 2 : Poison - > The evil group poisons the mind of other priests. The whole church is now secretly pursuing dark plans. (all trained priests are dark priests)
    Level 3 : Intoxication -> The evil priesthood intoxicates the mind of aristocracy and converts them to their side. Priests are allowed to summon meteors from the ski.
    Level 4 : Brotherhood of the Shadow -> The evil priesthood and evil aristocracy becomes the brotherhood of the shadow and brainwash the mind of their king. The king orders them to begin the act of summoning the Golem - huge creature that destroys anything in its path or defend very well by trowing stones and trees from far away.

    Artifacts & Power :
    Level 1 : Rich Nobles - cavalry trows a spear before engaging. Ships can be garrison by musketeers an archers and fire when close enough.
    Level 2 : Round Table - Unlocks elite heavy unit (big hp and damage but slower) impossible to be killed by normal musket fire or normal arrows (hp goes to 1). Everything else can kill them.
    Level 3 : Holy Lance -> This long lost artifact (Spear of Destiny) can be equipped by a commander for 3 minutes once every 9 minutes. His battalion can never be defeated under the effect. (hp goes to 1)
    Level 4 : Holy Chalice -> The artifact makes all units regenerate 3% of their hp each second by drinking from it at birth.
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