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    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    Dear admins and producers.

    During the last days i was thinking over what annoyed me the most about Cossacks-Back to war ( i am a big fan of it) and with the help of this topic i want to make you aware of the following issues, that should not appear in Cossacks 3 anymore:

    Number 1:

    Technical problems with Cossacks-Back to war:

    When Cossacks-back to war was created the producers did not seem to be aware of the fact that gamespeed gets faster during the years due to faster computers of the players and high resolutions being used and consequently there would eventually be more army appearing on the screen.
    Are you aware of the fact the game crashes when there are too many units on the screen the moment you view right into the middle of the battle? This is a very big problem because it disallows players to control properly. I had to control my army by not looking at it or keeping my army on the edge of the screen or literally control it roughly over the mini map. This bug has to be fixed. This problem happens to be in every game if armies are big enough for example in 5000 20pt or $def 10pt" or AOP

    Another problem about big armies is that suddenly during the game one player of the match appears to be in the Menu and the game would not continue at all. All players are forced to leave the match and try their luck in the autosave. This problem also happens in every game if the armies get big enough or the game is laggy

    I don't know the exact number, but if there are more than 100 records in the record-folder the game would freeze and if you dont know how to blindly control the taskmanager you are forced to restart your computer.

    Some cheaters have the ability to use "editor-abilities" in multiplayer matches. This cheating has appeared in the league LCN as well and certain players had to be banned.

    1.5.: Only with many tricks and smart fans who had the knowledge, it is possible to play Cossacks-back to war on windows 7 and windows 8.1. Cossacks 3 should be created in a away that would work with coming windows versions as well or patches should be released!

    1.6: The only Server "gamespy" was very slow to join in the end and a few buttons didn't have any function anymore for example viewing player's profiles. The Cossacks 3 server should work fast and be easy to handle.

    1.7: There should be no unit-limit to avoid problems in the future.

    Number 2:

    Support from the producers:

    Now this is a very important thing for me. With previous Cossacks versions i had the impression that GSC gameworld didn't listen to the player's wishes and suggestions or they were probably not even present anymore. I know many people also in real life who stopped playing this beautiful game because there were no patches for bugfixes released andthey were not willing to keep playing a "dead" game.
    There has to be an easy way to get in contact with certain people from the company who work at this game and have the ability to help getting rid of game errors and bugs, after the game has been released!
    I really hope that this forum will be the place for that in the years to come!

    Number 3:

    "...a new and modern server with lots of settings and abilities and yet easy to handle..."


    The new server should include the ability for players to create their own clans and take care of them

    It should be possible to challenge other clans for clanwars, or single players, who can create their own tournaments and challenge other players in certain game options.

    A single player- and clan -ranking list that can be looked at either to its amount of victories, score or other things.

    The landwar map on Cossacks 2 in which you could fight with your own nations against another nation and in case of a victory you would gain 2 pixels of the territory of the nation you had beaten, was a freaking awesome idea!!! This should be included to Cossacks 3 again!!

    a proper communication system in which you can send other players messages on the server even if they are not there and can read it later! But also the ability to block messages of unwanted users or spammers.

    Number 4:

    random ideas:

    a spectator mode in which the viewer is able to look at all players bases and armies is really necessary!! Especially when worldcup or league games are streamed it allows the streamers to get a good impressions of what is happening and allow the watchers to do the same.

    a good balance of the nations. Every nation should have some kind of troops to properly counter the troops of the opponent. In Cossacks back to war Algeria for example had no chance at all in artillery games against a european nation. And no nation had a chance basically in any option except artillery and seawar against Ukraine as the Ukranian serdiuks were just too superior!

    [NMA]Insert's idea in the Russian forum section to keep cossacks for everyone on the same gamespeed is an excellent idea! I really support that. IT should not be too fast that its impossible to control it even with fast computer, but not too slow either so that i nearly fall asleep during the game.

    And yet there should be something like a real time and game time, because it gets important in watching records to see when someone has built a building or achieved a certain upgrade. in Cossacks Back to war we had the number we called "tiks number" which indicated always the correct moment for everyone at what point of the game i am and indicated if i am slow or not.

    If i get more ideas i will add them to this topic. Some feedback of official admins or producers would be very welcome and let me know that my concerns were taken seriously. Thank you for reading!
  2. [KGR]ALVO

    [KGR]ALVO New Member

    very good ideas and i feel they are more than just ideas they are essentials if this game is to be successful in the future, getting dmcr and synch errors fixed is a must.
  3. Styo

    Styo Active Member

    Guys, I think you are not understanding the project. From my understanding the are recreating the game from scratch. The fact that Cossacks had these issues are irrelevant to Cossacks 3.

    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    I understand they are recreating it from the scratch. All i want the admins to be aware of bugs that were in Cossacks 1 and i want to avoid that they are in Cossacks 3. The unit limit concerns me the most ? I hope it doesn't crash all the time when there is too much army or gets extremely laggy, like in the last parts....
  5. Cossack

    Cossack Administrator Staff Member

    Hi there,

    Realy good post.

    All tech problems from C1 won't be present in C3, cause we are building C3 from scratches (as Styo mentioned).

    In Cossacks3, we want to make development and communication more transparent, especialy after game release.
    We have our vision, how game should looks like at release point. But after that, we will need lot of help to make game better. I am talking not only about balance issues, but also new game features.

    #3, 4.
    Not sure, that we will impelement all this features before game release, cause we got not too much time. But, if many players want to have any feature and this feature is good without a doubt, we'll try to implement it asap.

    2 main things about our vision of C3 in short
    1. we would provide enough transparency and easy ways to contact us and discuss problems and ideas.
    2. game release is just a beginning of making best Cossacks game.

    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    Thank you for replying! I really appreciate that ! :)
  7. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    I do believe that GSC team can do the best what they can to make better C3 game.

    It would be fine improve such things:
    1. Buildings and crop plans chaotically build and crowded peasants collecting wood and stone
    2. Clones units masses attacks, which never waver, panic or runaway and fight to the last man
    3. Powerful Dragoons which can easily outshot infantry, because they can fire at longer range
    4. Crazy archers with fire arrows which can burn every building in few seconds
    5. Grenadiers with horrible hand grenades which easily can destruct every building
    6. Mixed archers and grenadiers squads which make sorties, then stay stupidly and do nothing
    7. Powerful Ukrainian Serdiuks which can outshot almost all other infantry and cavalry
    8. Too strong Ukrainian Hetmans which even alone can kill few heavy cavalrymen
    9. Strong Registered Cossacks or Sipahis which easily can defeat armoured cavalry
    10. Too weak Polish Winged Hussars with too short lance which never create formations
    11. Strong bayonet combats when even single infantryman can kill few cavalrymen
    12. Fast shooting and reloading muskets which can fire as modern gun machines
    13. Canister shots which can kill almost entire squad or howitzer bombs which kill half of squad
    14. Ghost manned cannons, howitzers and multi barrel guns which deliver almost constant fire
    15. Mortars send in front of own army which usually provoke enemy artillery to shoot at them
    16. Spammed fishing boats which can fishing even during naval battles
    17. Strange warships which never create proper battle formations
    18. Algerian warship which easily can defeat European frigates
    19. Transport vessel which can even alone sail to enemy coast
    20. Crazy mass killings
    21. Smarter and better AI

    Take it easy. This list could help you eliminate stupid things known from C1 games.
    I like Cossacks games, but I would like to see better balanced nations, units, weapons and AI in C3 game.
    Last edited: May 31, 2015
  8. fly

    fly Active Member

    A working top 100 list without the possibility of gaining points through exploits would be great as well.
  9. [UKRAINA]Kondor_mst

    [UKRAINA]Kondor_mst New Member

    є невеличка пропозиція, до артилерії прикріпити людей, бо дивно що Арта сама собою їде :)

    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    English please!
  11. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    He is talking about the arty (thanks google traduction !)
  12. [RO]Proof

    [RO]Proof Active Member

    he unrespect us, they have russian section, if he coment here must be in english, pls some admin edit or delete his post
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