Third rating season is over!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Bodun, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. Bodun

    Bodun Administrator Staff Member

    Dear friends!

    Here comes the long-awaited moment! The top 100 players of third Cossacks 3 ladder season have been found and they're going to receive special lifetime internet shell signs. Top 16 players are getting a chance to participate in Season Clash 3, fighting for glory and prizes.

    We remind that Season Clash 3 is the official Cossacks 3 tournament, which would be held on 18-24-th of December. Qualifiers would be held 18-21-th of December on evenings. Double elimination games would be held on 22th of December, from morning until dusk on 23th of December and until 16:00 (GMT+3) on 24th of December. First three places have the following prizes:
    1 place: 300$ and GSC Anthology key
    2 place: 150$ and GSC Anthology key
    3 place: 50$ and GSC Anthology key

    Top16 ladder players:

    If you've found your nickname in this list - please wait for an email with invitation in next 24 hours. It would be sent to your registered email. Please, confirm your participation by return email. If you won't answer until the 14:00 (GMT+3) of Monday, your slot would be given to the next player. If your ranking in ladder was quite high, but you weren't in top16, you'd have a priority for replacement according to your place in case players wouldn't be able to participate in tournament.
    Ladder is frozen until the Season Clash 3 would be over. Fourth season would be started on 26-th of December.
    Don't forget to watch on our official Season Clash 3 streams - we're sure that it'd be an amazing sight.
    Have a good day!

    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    Your email has arrived in my Microsoft Outlook"Junk" Folder for the 2nd time now. And for the 2nd time i didn't notice it. I would have liked to participate...and i still do!
  3. Bodun

    Bodun Administrator Staff Member


    We're deeply sorry that it had turned out this way. We had received confirmations from particpants until 11-th of December, and as we've had very tight schedule, we've replaced participants, who hadn't answered, with top-24 players from ladder. Sadly, at this moment all the players were selected and had received confirmations on their participation. In case some of the players wouldn't be able to participate due to any reason, you would have the top priority on replacement. We will be very happy to see you among participants.

    In order to prevent such misfortune in future, if you have got a contacts, which would allow to contact you promptly, please send them to us.

    Best regards,
    GSC Game World
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