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  1. Big number of units and nations (together with 2017 re-balance) make difficult to know which units are best perfomance and worth choosing. Hence I've decided to create a tool which helps to solve it.

    The tool is a website where you can select (1 or more) color/nation/unit and its upgrades:

    Cossacks 3 Units Ranking_2.png Cossacks 3 Units Ranking_1.png

    • Data is generated by the ingame script (hence future update will take < 5 min)
    • Units base stats (attack (incl. range, damage, reload), defence, hp, buildtime, cost)
    • Total stats (of units built during 10 min (it will be configurable soon) of attack, defence, cost, count
    • Switchable upgrades from barrack/stable, blacksmith and academy which affects single and total stats, and cost
    • Easy units comparison next to each other
    • Selectable color you love and use ingame
    • Selectable number of buildings (will affect cost)
    • Selectable build time (now it's hardcoded to 10 minutes)
    • Formation bonus
    • Total defence
    • Fight simulation (depends on attack and defence to the enemy weapon, range, etc.)
    Known issues
    • There are additional units listed you can't build ingame (e.g. cuirassier in Saxony or light cavalry)
    • There are listed 3 hidden nations (misc, tat and lit) (that's rather easter egg)
    • After changing upgrades or adding units the stats table dynamicaly resizes its column
    • Cavalry attack is sometimes wrongly calculated with blacksmith-sword upgrade
    • Color is updated only after changing its units and not when just changing the color itself

    I hope you'll like it.
    Feedback (bug reports / complains / suggestions) very welcome!
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  3. I was told there used to be similar tool for C1 but I haven't seen it before.
    It's interesting that we (savvyplayer & me) used different approach - he was parsing game scripts (http://users.telenet.be/Gercon/cossacks/faq.html) and I'm logging values kept in game memory. I wonder if C1 had cleaner code because parsing C3 files would be very though
    Before I thought the Unit Explorer for Cossacks 1 uses some data base and it's down hence it doesn't work but it looks like it's some JS error and probably can be easily fixed.

    I meantime I removed additional units not available in game.
  4. Original-Cossacks-Player

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  5. Sprint

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    Very good job. Thank you so much!! :)
  6. kaiser_frisia

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    The unit compare website doesnt seem to have the information on attack rate. For example the russian pikemen 17c attack 33% faster than the standard 17c pikemen and clearly win every battle with equal numbers and upgrades, but the website shows otherwise that the standard piekemen has overall better attack power. Giving false information. I recall that the telenet grecon guide you posted stated the nation differences and with it the information in attack rates. Thats where i got my knowledge of this. If i remember correctly then the turkish and alegrian pikemen had higher attack rates as well, making them much stronger than you think.
  7. Thanks for the finding.
    The problem is that for some reason melee units have attack pause always 0 (https://gliniak.gitlab.io/cossacks3-units-ranking/data/generated2_upgrades.json). I was assuming that it's equal for these units. Looks like the game uses some other property for this.
    I'll ask in modding section how to get it.

    In the newly introduced ingame-Encyclopedia the reload (what I would consider as a pause for melee too) is 0 too
  8. kaiser_frisia

    kaiser_frisia Member

    I took a quick look and the only thing that seems to be different is the radiusmax stat. It seems that it is qual for all "normal" 17c Pikemen but different for russia, turkey and algeria.
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