What clan did you play for?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Daddio, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. Daddio

    Daddio Moderator Staff Member

    Clans have been around for years. Not sure if it was a Cossacks thing, as I never was involved to the multiplayer experience until I played Cossacks?

    I played as a lone wolf for about a year, and had several regular opponents and was asked on day to join [1776] clan. It was a clan of Americans, and they preferred the 10pt with Art options.

    I was introduced to a website forum, where we would all post "battle reports" where we would discuss wins, and defeats. and this option was vigorously pursued. With almost nightly readings and postings. I would come home and pour over these reports and learn from them, add to them, before going online to play.

    I have joined other clans over the years, but this was the only clan that was so progressive in bringing all of their members up to the same level. I really missed those days.

    It was about the members, not about having only the best players.

    Other clans I know of have the same theory, OC, PUR, BOB, and RUKA.

    Who knows perhaps these days can be brought back.
  2. Ogon

    Ogon Active Member


    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    [KGR] since i was 14. I am 29 soon.
  4. [KGR]-^K[o]K^-

    [KGR]-^K[o]K^- Moderator Staff Member

    [AoW] for 2,5 years

    [KGR] since October 13th, 2008
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  5. [EiS]bob

    [EiS]bob Member

    Started playing online when i was 12 (2005) was a loner for a while and dont even remember what year i joined EiS but it was when the game was going dead :( in the evening in my time zone (pst) only like 5-10 people would be in shell. It was the point where i was desperately trying to find people to play with that i joined a clan.
  6. I would like to know who is KGR and AoW? Do these clans still exist?
  7. [KGR]-^K[o]K^-

    [KGR]-^K[o]K^- Moderator Staff Member

    Of course both clan are still active.
    KGR = K├Ânigreich
    AoW = Art of War

    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    Hello. What do you mean "who is KGR?"?
    We were founded as a cossacks clan on the 22nd September 2002. We took part at several fan organized clan world cups and even won in 2007. KGR produced several world class players. Some of them to have won The worldcup Rushleague or several gold medals in the official cossacks league "LCN". We were the biggest international clan in the history of the game with members from more than 30 different countries. Even though nomore active in LCN we still lead the number 1 position of Def 10pt in LCN and are in the top 10 of best overall clans of all times in the history of the league LCN. We dominated def 10pt to our active times as a clan for nearly a decade.
    KGR is currently very active in games like FIFA 16, Clash of clans. Although we are nomore as active as before in cossacks back to war now, which comes down to the fact gamespy stopped working so many players stopped playing, but we will be very active again in Cossacks 3.

    KGR overall ranking: http://en.newlcn.com/ranking_clan.php
    KGR def 10pt ranking: http://en.newlcn.com/ranking_clan.php?op=1000000
    Worldcup "Rushleague,RLIGA": http://en.rliga.com/stat/millions/total/
    KGR's hall of fame: http://z7.invisionfree.com/kgr/index.php?s=8ada1fcee355affc67fde0f76ef17364&showforum=25

  9. [-NF-]Baton

    [-NF-]Baton Active Member

    NF - the best)
    Hi catty
  10. Hmm, what does it take to be a KGR member? I have all the cossacks games, maybe we can play on GameRanger some day? I'll get killed fast but, ah, what the heck, it'll be better then nothing I suppose lol.
  11. Inga

    Inga New Member

    Catweazel, seeing you here is absolutely insane. I was googling random people from Cossacks Back to War (1.35) and, of course, googled KGR and got linked to this thread and see you, which is freaking nuts man. I had to create an account to comment. I don't expect you to remember me at all as I was pretty badly ranked in LCN (My nickname was [CeK]Bosniak
    there ). I used to just come into the German Teamspeak channel you guys had and although I was from Macedonia and did not understand a word, I would be just sitting there, listening to mostly you and [BoB] players. I remember Typhoon from [BoB] because I loved his username - I have unfortunately forgotten most of the other players as this was all back around 2008. Dude, the number of games I studied you play by watching your games is insane.
    But I remember you Catweazle very very well, because in my eyes you were a legend, an unbeatable champion of the game, unruled master of it (although the Russian community claimed that was [-1Nt-]_VRV). I remember one legendary game where you, probably annoyed by the lack of other good players late at night on the server, decided to play a game with me together on the same team in a 2v2 match. (10pt, $ of course). We were on an island, I was doing my best to build fast and although I was a bit slower than you and our opponents, I was not doing bad either. Anyway, the 10 minutes pass and very soon I lose a large chunk of my army fighting vs my guy, I feel really bad cause you were like my hero and did not want to disappoint you, but I could not do better. So, I am losing soldiers, and you write to me on the team chat that we retreat, so we freaking retreat in one of the bases and continue fighting. After that, you do your magic and I do my best, we make them fall back and we go to the middle line. After that we attacked that, kicked their asses and I was really happy. Or we might have lost and my brain just filled this trauma with false memories- I don't know.
    To get to the points here, I really think you were the absolutely smartest guy (I now remember from the TeamSpeak chats that you guys used to play chess) in game and probably in life too. You certainly impacted me as a person (I do realize this sounds pretty insane and stalkerish by now) with your analytical skills and smart moves, which I now use and will use in the world of business. You will not believe the next part, but the experiences I got with you and the German guys from [BoB] helped me move to Germany (Duisburg), where I now dropped out of University to become an entrepreneur.
    I do not really have a conclusion to my whole text here, I just wanted to let you know that you inspired part of me to be where I am today.

    edit: this was around 2009- 2010.

    EDIT 2: I just downloaded cossacks to watch some records, nostalgia freaking hit me plus I found a record of me playing on the lcn website. This made my week.

    edit 3: windows 10 and cossacks do not go well together :(
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    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    Hello Bosniak! Of course i remember you! Welcome back! And how are you ? :)

    Reading your post helped me a little to feel better, because i am ill at the moment, thank you very much for your kind words! :)
    I wasn't aware that i had such an effect on you. I am very happy that it helped you positively for your development as a person and in your job! I am fascinated that you live in Duisburg, because you will be surprised to hear that i work in Duisburg hahaha :D. It's such a small world sometimes...

    I vaguely remember the game you were talking about, i tried finding it but didn't succeed. Either the game crashed and we had to continue from autosave, or i don't know what nickname you had in this particular match. For your information, i saved all records i ever played since 2003. For finding certain games i need to know the nicknames in the exact writing. Therefore i even have some of your old games, but not many.

    If you are interested to play Cossacks again i strongly recommend you to contact me via Skype: cat_86

    kind regards!
  13. Inga

    Inga New Member

    Oh, indeed I was suprised you work here man. My nickname back then was either just "Bosniak", "B[o]sniak", "[CeK]Bosniak", "[CeK]B[o]sniak" or "Inga". You don't have to bother finding the record of the game, I just wanted to point the game out because I really remember it and it was one of my favorite games I played.

    Unfortunately, I have a crappy programming laptop these days with windows 10 and it cannot run Cossacks properly.
    I am glad I made you feel better and hope you get better soon.
  14. [KGR]Mustang

    [KGR]Mustang Member

    Hello Bosniak,

    I don't know if you remember me. I was one of the guys in teamspeak. In these days [BoB]Mustang. I remember you because it was great how much time you spent with us in teamspeak although we mostly spoke german and you possibly didn't understand a single word :D But I also remember you from cossacks and some games we played against each other. Nice to see you again here :)
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  15. Inga

    Inga New Member

    Yeah I remember you too. There was also [BoB]Pumba(or something like that), I just remembered him too.
    I was a pretty bad player, mostly because I was just 16 back then(I did have 9 wins and 9 defeats on LCN, so maybe not that bad), but I sure enjoyed playing with you guys. I hung out with you guys cause we were the only ones non-russian speaking, so we had to stick together. I recall some [KGR] members backing me on the forums after a guy I beat on lcn had put the result in his favor :)
  16. MR_47

    MR_47 New Member

    Hello Bosniak,

    Im kinda offended that you remember Catty, but not me :( Just kidding dude. Good to see you here and knowing you have a good time.
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  17. Inga

    Inga New Member

    I am happy to see you here man! Of course I remember you bro, we played really well together and it was helluva fun. What are you doing these days, everything fine? Here is my facebook dude, would love to stay in contact.
  18. MR_47

    MR_47 New Member

    Nice to see you too :) I couldnt add you to facebook, here my: Rouh Jafari
    Add me and we will talk :)
  19. (OC)Fotheringill

    (OC)Fotheringill Active Member

    Old Cossacks is back in business. Forum is in toddler stage and we are setting up our TS3 server.
    Any OC out there, please contact Coswar, Ftoomsh, Flashman or myself.
  20. [RUKA]SeregaRUSSIA

    [RUKA]SeregaRUSSIA New Member

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