Your best Cossacks moments

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ZooM | Eric, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. ZooM | Eric

    ZooM | Eric Member

    What were your biggest momment in Cossack what you remember, or tell the most?

    I had a 2 -day session with my friend, when I was still a little boy.
    We have had many great and fun games, we are talking about even today when we meet.
  2. marcel18167

    marcel18167 New Member

    When I finished all the missions in back to war... It took so many trys but It felt really good when I finished them.
  3. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    I don't know about my best moment but I remember a game that went all night (about 12 hours long). We had to have pee breaks. The standard message was "Pee break, no attacks."

    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    There were many great moments i remember. beating my arch rivals. Long and fascinating battles vs good players. But in particular i remember my 21 gold medals in the Rushleague. In the league LCN i remember very well that for several months nobody was able to beat me. My winning streak of 52 title matches is still unbeaten :D I shouldn't have stopped playing to extend this number haha.
    Probably all that sounded arrogant, but i just answered the question and it is the truth haha. xD

    Ps.: oh yea and i remember my longest game in 2006... lasted 6 and a half hours... unbelivable..
  5. ZooM | Eric

    ZooM | Eric Member

    To be honest this is very impressive :D
  6. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    Sadly I never had the chance to play in multi little :(
    But I compensed by doing a lot of solo ! I think one of my best memory was when I beat for the first time the AI in very hard in Cossacks European Wars, I still remember I was France and he was Russia, I don't think I remember any other game as well.
  7. Daddio

    Daddio Moderator Staff Member

    I played for years in single player. Had fun and thought I was pretty hot stuff.

    Then my son showed me the multiplayer button, I joined a game and was destroyed in minutes.

    Probably my most memorable moment was when I was approached by :Betsy Ross" of the 1776 clan.

    So many good memory's of the good friends I made there and others of different clan as well.

    Cossacks is the most complicated "simple" game that has ever been made. So many different ways to play.

    Looking forward to the next rendition.

  8. Polan

    Polan New Member

    I once had ~2-3h ffa session with ~5 of my friends at internet cafe, in European Wars. Map a little to small for us, so there were weird moments like tower vs tower fights.
    Also teaching 2 other people how to play the game with series of 2vs1 lan games, which soon turned into ffa because they became good enought to beat me :D.
    Only once I've tried multiplayer, I've survived ~35 minutes only because there was 30minute peace period.
  9. Mike Erickson

    Mike Erickson New Member

    Not the best moment, but one I will never forget: Was in a game with 5 minutes of peace time left and the map was full of lines of troops going from the barracks to the hill I was on, and some one said hey you guy's just declared war. I thought this was funny due to the peace time and what not and made some immature comment and the guy came back and said "No, your country just declared war on Iraq" I yelled down to my dad and he turned on the news and they said nothing about it, 3 minutes later the news broke on the TV. I was taught the importance of how information can be conveyed throughout the world, and also made me wonder how some one in Europe found out about the war before the news broke out stateside
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  10. [RO]Proof

    [RO]Proof Active Member

    Best moments? I have played 4 years on multiplayer GS before i get internet conection @ my home .First game played from my home was the best moment for me after 4 years of nights lost @ internet caffe :)
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  11. Warren

    Warren Active Member

    3rd place in Cossacks Championships of Poland 2012. That was great moment, because I'm very lazy player, so I even wasn't dreaming about this achievement. ;)
  12. Masher

    Masher Active Member

    My best moment was honestly when i first ever played Cossacks European Wars... My friend told me about the game i had never heard of it. He let me barrow the game for a full day and night. I loaded it up not expecting much and started off with a random battle against the a.i. At the time the only other RTS game i had played was Command & Conquer red alert and Dune. I was blown away by Cossacks, i fell instantly in love with it and i still picture my very first battle when i think of the series. I lost horribly to the a.i not knowing what i was doing, but being in awe of the amount of units and size of the armies i could create.

    I honestly went and bought the game from a shop called Gamestation the next day. i then got Art of War and Back to War on release dates. I can't even tell you how many hours of my life have been spent playing the Cossack games. It's kind of shocking.
  13. Field Marshall

    Field Marshall Active Member

    My best moment so far was playing with a friend(it was the second or 3rd game I played at the time) I sent my entire army to search for him so I could attack him, leaving my base unprotected. He took my base and by the time I found him he an army big enough to defeat mine.( the funny thing was that I spent a long time searching for him)
  14. [IG]Hipolit

    [IG]Hipolit Active Member

    If not great people we meet thanks to the game, online playing and clan and forum meetings there would not be any of great moments. Thanks great Cossacks brothers for your contributions! Great to know many of you!
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  15. irish437

    irish437 New Member

    Not Cossacks but American Conquest, close enough. I beat the number 1 player in the world in a 6 hour slug fest. I think I reached as high as #25. I played that game all the time it was awesome. I mainly played Cossacks single player, and had some good matches, but nothing beat the multiplayer AC matches. I really hope we get a competent single player AI because I really don't have the time to play those long drawn out multiplayer matches anymore even though they are great fun.
  16. Playing multiplayer against my uncle who played as Turkey and I went as Russia I think. We had massive armies, but he left his houses unguarded so when the peace treaty ended, I sent my mercenary cossacks to capture his houses. So satisfying :3 He was so confused he sent some of his troops to capture back and kill my troops, but I set it all on fire. Unfortunately, he had a great comeback with hotwitzers and I lost after 3,5 hours of playing. Good times, Good times. It was the European Wars 1.15 I think.
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  17. [K_A]WARLORD

    [K_A]WARLORD Member

    Best moment when... Back in late 2001 I was a young lad and went to PC world with my dad to get a new family computer...

    Once in PC world there was an isle right by the entrance with screens showing battle sequences of Cossacks European wars!

    I stood still for around 2-3 minutes looking up at the TV screens in absolute amazement of the beautiful game graphics and the fact that unlike age of empires there were thousands of men on the battlefield! A young boys dream came true of building a real army and fighting major battles against your opponent!

    I begged my dad if he could buy the game and have it for an early Christmas present, I finally persuaded him and once it installed on our new computer I couldn't stop playing it!!

    I was just amazed at the graphics, the cool units and all the complications of the game. (Which later became so simple)

    I remember reading the 100 page long game manual admiring the artwork and detail that the developers put into the game and loved reading what units could do what and picture in my head what country I should play next and what units to use against whom ... so and so forth!

    Thank you GSC for making a wonderful computer game and it's certainly my favourite still to this day by a long shot!
  18. Ogon

    Ogon Active Member

    killing 600 hussars with 200 stable-produced 18th c drags, killing endless streams of blobs with 18th c muskets. Firepower rules!
  19. Field Marshall

    Field Marshall Active Member

    How? The hussars didn't even try to attack the drags?
  20. Ogon

    Ogon Active Member

    they did. at the end of the attack they looked like a big red spot of strawberry jam. Most players would not believe it as they only produced dragoons from a Diplo. There is huge difference between the power of diplo merc dragoons and fully upgraded 18th c drags. Meet me on the battlefield Sir!
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