Your best Cossacks moments

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ZooM | Eric, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. Ogon

    Ogon Active Member

    Just to make sure I am not totally demented I just made a trial in the Editor for Back to War. 200 18th c British dragoons (upgraded in stables and academy) placed in formations on flat ground made a pulp of strawberry jam of 607 attacking fully upgraded (stables, academy and blacksmith) Prussian hussars. I have been always wondering why most players playing the game cannot see the difference...
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  2. Daddio

    Daddio Moderator Staff Member

    No unit is more effective then a fully upgraded Dragoon. Not sure why?

    Dragoons used short muskets, famously inaccurate. But such is the game.

    But normally the hussar is its nemesis as the dragoon will stop shooting once they get in close enough.
  3. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    Yes, the C1 game model did not get cold steel to musket relativities correct. Nor were real dragoons like those depicted in C1 with just muskets or carbines. Certainly in Davout's OC Mod dragoon masses came off second best if they took on large 18th C musket infantry formations which is historically correct. In real history ,when infantry is holding off cavalry the situation for the infantry depends on dense massing, formation (square or blob not line) and maintaining morale/discipline. If the infantry have the numbers, formation and discipline they hold off the cavalry relatively easily. Having said that, if a cavalry feint forces enemy infantry into squares and they can then be attacked with artillery or advancing columns then the squares are in real trouble.

    Over the 18th C and early 19th C up until Waterloo, 1814, infantry musket and bayonet tactics evolved from first favouring column attacks, often relying on cold steel shock tactics with little musket firing at all, to more line firing tactics as employed by Wellington. It was more complicated than this summary of course. But I make too many long posts so this is a short one. Not sure how this 18th C evolution could be treated in the 18th C in Cossacks. Early on in the 18th C a charging column should maybe be able breach a defending line and thus defeat line tactics but by late 18th C musket power and accuracy should be such that disciplined lines will mow down attacking columns.
  4. nhinhonhinho

    nhinhonhinho New Member

    Not Cossack but my most epic moment for American Conquest Divided Nation. I decided to try the 'impossible hard' Antietam 1 as the Union! It was one of the biggest battle I ever play in every single games including Total war games. I spent maybe a couple of days to fight that map. At first the Confederate didn't have many troops but when my men surge forward the game froze for like 5 seconds then the Confederate troops suddenly appeared like ants (literally), then they ran out of munitions (I captured their wagons) and started to charge. When the smoke clearly the total death of both sides (I checked using qwe cheat for fun) almost extended the casualty of the real battle with almost 20 000 deaths! I still have that save game in my laptop right now! And note that everyone can fight that battle, just play Atietam I in Impossible as Union.

    The main problem for 18th c drags was slow training times unless you're playing France, the other problem is you must upgrade to made them truly effective, however once you have a large number of fully upgraded 18th c drags then they are going to kill anything

    If I recall correctly normal 18th c drags have 300 hp and more than 100 atk

    Anyway If melee units reach my non-melee shooter I'll simply let my troops in stand ground, if my blob is big enough then they will keep shooting till the enemy's death or vice versa!
  5. [KGR]-^K[o]K^-

    [KGR]-^K[o]K^- Moderator Staff Member

    There were a lot of moments. The big battles and when i won. When I became a very good player so I had more love game :)

    However, I can not forget that moment when I installed the demo of The Art of War and began to discover the beauty of this game. Or when my peasant suddenly started dying because I'm still at that time I knew not how to play the game. Or when I first played against the computer on the very hard difficulty, this game lasted over 24 hours (i think my friend have still this save somewhere) :)
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  6. Furious Peasant

    Furious Peasant Active Member

    There were a lot of cool moments in the campaings (I played them all 5 times and some missions even more)
    The first campaing I played was the pirate one which had some very hard missions where you had to take some cities with just a handfull of mercenaries.
    A great moment was when I defeated my "first ship of the line" with my little pirate fleet. : ) what a beast - what a fight. I will never forget. The seebattles are one of the greatest features of the good old Cossacks I game. AC and Cossacks II failed on sea battles. (The ships looked very good though)
    I also liked the missions where you had to win big battles against a scripted AI. The AI was different from the one in the random map mode.

    I mostly played the game via LAN and only some games via internet because back then not everyone had an internet connection and especially in my area the internet connections were not very well. I have very good memories on my local area matches. The internet matches were not so funny because most people behaved like low peasantry and only wanted to play millions-games and made their own rules so that they had a big advantage and could not lose. For example they aggreed to not use the marked, but the used the marked themself!
    I remeber one of my first online matches when i played with 2 guys and a girl and they all had the "king" rank while i was only a "Esquire". They didn't take my serious and didn't explained me their rules. Finally they destroyed each other so hard that I could take over the whole map. I finally won the map and ranked up from "Esquire" to "Earl" or something in just one match. Of course they were very pissed off and very offensive. But well they get what they deserved for their haughtiness. :D
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  7. J.Cross

    J.Cross New Member

    After AOE2....fist time I saw myself sending 201 units (probably peasant) somewhere....Awesome...
  8. Field Marshall

    Field Marshall Active Member

    Controlling these large amounts of units definitely brings some of the best moments in this game.
  9. Xakmool

    Xakmool New Member

    My best memory of this awesome game was when I played this for the first time! I played for almost two days straight. I spent hours upon hours meticulously building walls, farms, and units in the single player game. I did not have fast enough internet at the time so I could not play online. Although many would say that I "wasted" these hours, I felt that I enjoyed every minute and have no regrets. I cannot wait C3!
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  10. J.Cross

    J.Cross New Member

    There is something I remember of the first hours playing C1, the size of buildings, realist scale and detailed textures, big enough to see units coming out from the door, that was impressive for me after playing AOE2 (where units only spawn next to the building). Its sad for me to see on the screenshots how that's no more happening on C3, a lot of people don't realize what I'm talking about, but there is a picture comparing C1 and C3, yes, buildings have the same size, but soldiers are obviously there is a problem.
  11. Andrej

    Andrej New Member

    Best moment? Random map, land, biggest map, all enemies on very hard level. After 15hours of battles against 5 enemies and one ally ( which was erased in first hour after piece time ended ) the statistics showed around 130.000 kiled units on all sides. It was tremendous slaughter and fun! Love it!
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  12. [WW]Prototype

    [WW]Prototype Active Member

    every game is best moment!))
  13. Hooysse

    Hooysse Active Member

    Mediterranean plateau map, 2v2(real players), no rules, 1 hour peace time=big walled cities, battles over plateaus with artillery and long battles, infinite sea battle on the center of the map for mediterranean control!...epic times!....
  14. Snuffy

    Snuffy Active Member

    Pretty much covered it for me too ... I was beating my head against the desk trying to pick just one. :)
  15. DrowLegend

    DrowLegend Member

    Ahhh.... a lot of good moments hah. I was young when i first time started this game. I remember moments when my brother taught me how to play it, then im about 6 years old and brother 13 .
    First try of my brother was to teach me names of buildings and what they are doing. Stables there are horses,... Town center is main building ok ? And my brother what are the stables? And I: "Hmmmm i don't know". Bum, slammed my head :D. When I already knew names of building and what are they doing, we started game. I didn't know how to play cossacks. Ok i knew something, but my economy was one big shit :D 2-5 workers at mines... 10 workers at farms and stones or woods... :D. And wars ? 30 vs 100 soldiers. Funny. :)

    Sorry for my english.
  16. DrowLegend

    DrowLegend Member

    I remember next moment when my brother saved game where he played vs AI, and that was end of brother cossacks 1 gaming.
    Later I started this saved game and there was a too much ukrainian soldiers about 8000 idk. I taked all of them and i destroyed AI like a boss...
  17. condor_fly

    condor_fly Administrator Staff Member

    I started to play Cossacks European Wars in the same time you was born:)
  18. DrowLegend

    DrowLegend Member

    Yea im young, but cossacks is my favorite strategy game. :)
  19. [EiS]bob

    [EiS]bob Member

    When i played a 2v2 def 10pt mils vs kgr cat and stinger. We had crossspawn of allies. Stinger decided to camp it out while i ran at cattys back and we wrecked him 2v1 and he BabyRaged out :D

    While canons were god units in c1 and almost never played because of the imbaness. It was still fun to play with them some times and quite satisfying to watch the cannons mow down large chuncks of units :p
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  20. condor_fly

    condor_fly Administrator Staff Member

    There was one old video "The history of "Cossacks European Wars" how GSC game was created: it is on russian lenguege but you can turn on the subtitles
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