Your best Cossacks moments

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ZooM | Eric, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. Loner

    Loner Well-Known Member

    Pigeon English sub-titles made it hard to follow, but very interesting none the less.;)
  2. [AAC]Clay_Van0ranje

    [AAC]Clay_Van0ranje New Member

    My most talked about memory,
    is setting up matches in the 1.35 (back to war) shell
    some players only played millions-10pt, no art, some only played 10 pt, no rules, others anything in between,
    it was almost impossible to get these guys to fight each other.

    For round 1, i needed to find 15 guys + me to fight each other 1v1 to end up with 8 guys,
    then quarterfinal to end up with 4 guys,
    then semifinal and eventually the final.

    I did not get to play my specialisation, which is 45-60 PT, with all Artillery allowed,
    i had to beat all players on their prefered settings to become "World Champion" Cossacks, November 2002.

    Especially memorable, because my oldest son was born that month,
    a very good moment to retire,
    but it looks like i'll be making a comeback.

    Bring it on ;-)
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  3. General SSLaw

    General SSLaw New Member

    First time when a build a battleship in the Cossacks demo. I fell in love. I had made a model of the same ship as a child and it was there just above the computer. I saw it firing.

    Freshman in iniversity I tried to convince my gamer classmates to play Cossacks. It was too hardcore for them. After several months of training, they faced me 3 vs 1 and I destroyed them easily with Saxony (my favourite nation at that time). They never wanted to try that again.

    When I got American Conquest, my home computer was too old to run it, it was very slow and I took the game with me to China, where I went to study. As an East European, I was too poor a student to own a computer at that time (2003) and for months I did not have a chance to play it. In Chinese Internet clubs they played AOE which is shit compared to Cossacks or AC. After months of waiting, a Korean friend of mine went home for 2 weeks and left me his computer. I played 8-10 hours American Conquest and Cossacks online non-stop and during the rests watched the anime Love Hina. Best moments ever.

    Playing the demo of Cossacks 2 over and over again.

    Beating the campaign in Heroes of the Ahnihilated Empires. The campaign can be compared only to the campaigns in Starcraft and Age of Mythology, but it is much better. Then, destroying 6 computers with my hero only.

    And the forum of Cossacks 2 when the game was in development. All the guys there were providing accurate historical details about their countries. I learned so much. I read books about the Napoleonic wars, I finished "War and Peace" in Russian which I started 1 year ago. I started learning historical sabre fencing etc. If any of you guys are here and remember me, know that these were the greatest forum discussions I have taken part in and I thank you!
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