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24 July 2015

Translation from Ukrainian

For all the fans of strategies and the Ukrainian Cossacks OpenGamer has talked to the PR-manager of the GSC Game World company. Valentine Yeltyshev kindly answered our questions and shared new information about the new Cossacks.

OG: Welcome back! What were the impressions after GSC had decided to get back to work? Who was the initiator of the return?

GSC: The team, which is now working on the game, was the basis of GSC’s returning to the game development. And Evgeniy Grigorovich, present head of the studio, was the main initiator of the development of Cossacks. It was very pleasant to come back with Cossacks 3 project, because the majority of the team are fans of the game series.

OG: How has the game development changed during the absence of the company on the market? Did you have to adapt to the new conditions or was the adaptation process successful?

GSC: In fact, we have not quite dropped out of the industry during this time. All current members of the Cossacks’ team have a great experience of game development, and they were working on other projects while GSC studio was closed. That’s why you can’t say that we really needed to adapt to new conditions. Of course, the market is changing, due to users’ requests. But we do consider Cossacks a timeless game. It has been proven so by the players, who have been conducting fierce network battles with live opponents and against the computer for almost 15 years. That’s why the scheme play was chosen familiar to our audience – buy the game and then play it without any limitations.

OG: What kind of game engine do you use in Cossacks 3?

GSC: In Cossacks 3 we use an engine of our own development. It is based on the technology of OpenGL, which gives significant advantages in bringing onto the screen a large number of units. That’s why the system requirements for the game are quite low. With up to 10 thousand units on the map you can normally play on a computers 3-5 years of age. The use of OpenGL also allowed to more easily develop the version of the game for Linux and Mac OS.

OG: Are you planning to release Cossacks 3 for Steam OS?

GSC: Cossacks 3 will be released for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

OG: Recently you’ve mentioned that Cossacks 3 was getting mods’ support from the gamers. Do you have any further plans for developers’ support of the game, including new content as DLC?

GSC: We find the support of modders one of the most important activities after release. That’s why we have given modders powerful tools for bringing changes to the game, as well as official support. As DLC we’ll increase, for example, the number of gaming nations, which are planned to be 20.

OG: I remember that in the original Cossacks some nations had their own specific features. Portugal, for example, could build harbors with cannons. Is there going to be a wide range of possibilities for the nations in Cossacks 3?

GSC: Currently we are fully focused on closely copying all the features of the original Cossacks which we found to be very successful. When this is set we’ll enter the beta-test. Which will reveal all the defects and errors in balance. Also, we’ll be able to make changes to balance, innovations and additions.

OG: Do the developers consider the game as a single player, or is the emphasis placed primarily on the online component?

GSC: We can judge from the experience of the previous games in the series, that the games missions take less than 5% of the gaming time. Campaigns pass quickly and then hundreds, or even thousands of hours are spent in multiplayer battles, and games against computer on randomly generated maps. In Cossacks 3 we will reproduce all the successful elements, which gamers like so much.

OG: Will there be difficulty levels of artificial intelligence, as it was in the original Cossacks? Since the era of strategies is already long gone and the new gamers can encounter difficulties while mastering game play.

GSC: You are right, the gamers have changed and truly hardcore strategists are fewer now. Therefore, for the general convenience of adjusting the game for an individual player, we’ll return the difficulty levels.

OG: Who works on the music for the game? Have you requested any Ukrainian bands?

GSC: We work with a Ukrainian composer and he totally satisfies the needs of the project.

OG: Is there going to be a per-order of the game? If so, what should we expect as bonuses?

GSC: Yes, we plan to open the per-order very soon. So far we have stormy discussions of what exact bonuses should be given to the players of this version. It’s going to be something essential and interesting!

OG: Will it be possible to purchase Cossacks 3 in other digital shops, like GOG, besides Steam?

GSC: The release of the game for GOG is still under discussion. The main platform will be Steam, of course.

OG: Now the company is developing Cossacks 3. Are there any other projects on the early stage of development?

GSC: We are fully focused on the development of Cossacks 3 and the main task now is a timely release of a high-quality well-polished game. Therefore, we don’t work on any other project, though some discussions, of course, are being conducted.

Cossacks 3 will appear on the shelves in shops at the end of this year. The game will have several localizations, among which is Ukrainian. To receive new information about the game, follow the official web-site and refresh the main OG page more often.


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