Cossacks 3 FAQ update

06 October 2015

1. Will you develop the game further after the release, not counting the Mod's support?

The release of Cossacks 3 is not the end of our work on the project, but the beginning of a new stage. We are planning to release a whole range of large free updates and DLC, which will bring new nations, additional missions and full campaigns to the game. Patches for the games balance and error corrections will be released regularly.

2. Will the pre-order version differ from the main release of the game?

Yes, the pre-order version will contain some additional bonuses for gamers. Which bonuses, we can’t say for now, but it’s going to be something worthy.

3. Which 12 nations will get into the release version?

Austria, France, England, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Sweden, Prussia, Venice, Turkey, Algeria

4. Still, why the game mechanics of the first Cossacks?

After release, the game can be developed in an unpredictable script, obtaining new and interesting changes, additions to the game mechanics, balance and so on. However all this will become possible only after the game comes out. Thousands of gamers will be able to express their wishes and remarks. We consider the game mechanics of the first Cossacks to be the best starting point, the base from which to move forward. For in our opinion and in the opinion of the majority of the gamers, the game-play of the original game proved to be the most successful.

5. What about the fans of Cossacks 2 and American Conquest? The gamers liked the innovations of these games.

As we already said, the game mechanics and game-play elements of Cossacks 3 will be very close to the original Cossacks.

However with the help of the free toolkit coming with the game, the moders will be able to make absolutely any changes to game-play, balance and sets of units they desire.

We will support the promising and demanded modifications at the official level. Which include promotion, polishing quality and coding at the level of the engine and the script.

6. Will the AI in Cossacks 3 also be taken from the first Cossacks?

No, the Artificial intelligence of your future computer adversary is written from scratch.

7. Will the game have a mission editor?

The script editor will be based on the trigger concept (comdition -> action) in which we gather all our missions. It will be available with the release version of the game.

8. The new Cossacks3 is in full 3D. What level of freedom will the camera have?

In the release version we are planning to make the range of camera motion standard for classic real-time strategies games, it will provide for optimal overview and ease of operation. The limitations of the camera can be easily changed or even removed in the modifications. But we don’t support the idea of free camera.

9. Will it be possible to add the new units?

The simple toolkit in the game will allow for easy import of 3D models into the game and to configure its cooperation and options.

10. Will Ukraine possess melee infantry?

In the release version it will not.